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Characters of Malton (or at least some of 'em)

Necros Nastigast (retired from game)

INFORMATION: Necros Nastigast
Starting Occupation: Private
Group Membership: Soldiers of Crossman
Goals: Keep Crossman Grove Police Department in survivor hands
Username: Unknown
More details: Urban Dead profile

Necros Nastigast started out as a Private in the Darvall Heights area as part of a unit assigned to try to stave the zombie outbreak around Crossman Grove Police Department and the Saint's Row area. Before long most of his unit had been killed and eaten. It was about this time he became aware of Crossman Defense Force and he soon joined them to take up arms against the ferals in the area. Crossman Defense Force has since been scattered for the winds, but a few former members are still fighting the good fight, now as the Soldiers of Crossman Necros may wander from time to time into the neighboring suburbs, but seldom venture far from Crossman Grove PD which he calls home, whether ruined and infested with zombies or filled with friends and a few kegs.

SoC star.png Soldiers of Crossman
Necros Nastigast is a proud member of the Soldiers of Crossman.

Fenriz 666

Starting Occupation: Medic
Group Membership: ROACH Klips
Goals: Secure Roachtown
Username: Unknown
More details: Urban Dead profile

Fenriz 666, a rookie combat-medic, landed in Malton on the 27th April 2007 as part of a military medical-relief effort destined for Lazarus General Hospital in Shearbank. Within a few weeks most of his team had succumbed to the disease and turned on their former team-mates. With the few FAK's he could scrounge up he headed into the streets of Malton to try and help out as best he could. He soon found himself wandering the streets of Roachtown and there came across a group calling themselves the ROACH Klips with whom he joined up by mid July. Making Cyril General Hospital his new home he soon perfected his medical skills as well as his other skills and was promoted to the ROACH Klips resident surgeon. His devotion to the ROACH Klips is unquestionable and he's now risen to co-leader of the ROACH Klips along with Sturm23.

Snooky Bleir

Starting Occupation: Zombie
Group Membership: Zomburbia!
Goals: Secure Zomburbia! for the Zambahz
Username: Unknown
More details: Urban Dead profile

Snooky Bleir first died during the early outbreaks (created the character in mid june 2007) and started roaming the streets of Malton from North to South & East to West, both as a zombie and when revived as a survivor until one day he came across a fellow zambah with a vision, the vision of Zomburbia!, a place where a zambah could live a life in peace, create a family and have a place to call home. So he set off with his eyes set on Zomburbia! while trying to spread the word of this place to all fellow zambah's he came across during his trip. When arriving in Zomburbia! he set up his home in the ruined Maney Lane Police Department and there he resides to this day, now as Zomburbia!'s Maney Lane PD Police Chief, doing daily patrols in the neighborhood and checking on the inhabitants of Zomburbia!

10ksociety.gif 10k Society
This user is a proud member of the 10k Society

Darkness Entices

INFORMATION: Darkness Entices
Starting Occupation: Zombie
Group Membership: St. Ferreol's Hospital Noise Abatement Society
Goals: Silencing St. Ferreol's Hospital, Kempsterbank.
Username: Unknown
More details: Urban Dead profile

Darkness Entices came into being during the early days of October 2008. It was not long before he came across a group of ferals calling themselves St. Ferreol's Hospital Noise Abatement Society dedicated to keep the St. Ferreol's Hospital in Kempsterbank dark and quiet. They greeted him with open arms and welcomed him into their midst to join in the feasting of tasty Bra!nz. With a guiding hand from his older brazzahz and zazzahz it was not long before he became an adept hunter. Often venturing out in the night in search of food, he always return to what he now consider his home, St. Ferreol's Hospital

Zombieface.jpg Graaaagh!
This user eats brains.
Eatbrains.gif Brain Rot
Darkness Entices has Brain Rot and wishes to stay dead.

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Can I get a witness? Yes.
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One of Necros Nastigast's characters has brain rot and/or supports those select few who do have brain rot.

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