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Good evening.

My UD name is William Roy, but as this is my main account for wikias and I cannot be bothered to make a new one, I'm sticking with this. Calling me Nemesis or Will is OK (unless another William joins whatever conversation may be going on, in which case you may want to just use my username).

You hurl Canned Spam at this suggestion for 0 damage. It considers dying a lot quicker.

Biography: William Roy

William Roy was born in Cranbrooke, Kent, England, 1986, to a father who worked in a company known as THEMPRA and a mother who was a scientist. William did not see his parents as much as other children did, due to their busy occupations. Instead, he would often be found in a youth club to keep him busy while his parents were absent. He joined the army aged 20.

Originally sent to fight in Iraq, he was relocated for classified reasons and sent to Malton. 3 years after quarantine started, he was ordered to lead a squad in and secure a potential outpost, but the attempt failed badly and William was isolated from the rest of his squad. He was eventually forced to wander in the vain hope of leaving Malton and meeting his parents, who assumed him dead. It is known he signed up for Umbrella towards the end of 2008, and has since served with them.

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Sigma Platoon.

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Combat Record

Whiskey Platoon

William Roy began his journey in Huntley Heights, which had fortunately been cleared of zombies by the Northeastern Crusade and spent a lot of his time trying to find supplies while attempting to kill zombies. His attempts were not successful, and knowing that joining a group would be a wise idea, he applied for the Umbrella Corporation and was eventually accepted (albeit with suspicion from a few senior members). A fellow survivor in Santlerville planned to join up with him, but due to the ongoing war with the UBCS his application was denied. It was during the gathering of new supplies that William Roy was found by Ephraim Reigner and killed by multiple gunshots. He eventually got a revive and managed to remain alive until the end of Operation War Drum.

After the end of the war, Whiskey Platoon, William Roy's unit at the time, were sent to Perryn to try and help the defenders. The operation succeeded in toughening him up and leaving with more advanced skills, but the unit withdrew and stopped the operation in early February.

Eventually, Roy requested graduation after a temporary Caiger operation, but under advice from his commanding officer he decided to level up first and requested a freelance assignment to Creedy which was approved. He promptly arrived in Pitneybank and briefly helped with Giddings, but left before it fell at the hands of zombies. Unfortunately, the Umbrella Biohazard Containment Service saw fit to try and freak him out, and Colonel Krauser, a former Umbrella member proceeded to radio spam messages directly addressing him in Fort Creedy's gatehouse and send text messages which had a link in it. The link led to a picture showing a user (presumably Krauser) contemplating whether or not to attack him with a shotgun. Nevertheless, he managed to hold out and helped put down several breakins from zombies.

At this point, Umbrella sent the rest of Whiskey Platoon to deal with an impending attack. During this time, Roy began to increase his skill, acquiring body building and increasing his firearms experience. Unfortunately, the operation was called off and Whiskey was forced to withdraw so the mall tour could be fought. However, in the end William Roy had graduated from Whiskey Platoon.

Sigma Platoon

While William Roy had graduated from Whiskey, it was by no means the end of his operations alongside them. Going with his new unit, the young Military member ended up in Lockettside but was too late to try defending Tompson Mall. He was eventually found and killed by some ferals, so he went to Pole Mall as ordered once back among the living.

During the Pole Mall experience, the members of Umbrella ran into the infamous player killing groups Columbine Kids and the Creedy Guerilla Raiders. Will himself was gunned down in Clapton Stadium, but revenge was taken and the player killer in question was promptly killed in retaliation. During this time the young soldier attempted to improve his medical skills and acquired diagnosis.

Briefly the squad stopped in Ridleybank but left shortly. They went to Tynte, but the Mall fell not long after they arrived. Will was killed by a member of the Generator Policy Enforcement, a player killer group. Dragging himself to Pitneybank, he acquired another revive. He then stopped at Creedy again before heading back to headquarters. Due to real life, the Umbrella soldier ended up in Ruddlebank till he was able to come back online. When he did, he headed off for another assignment. It would have been posted up here, but data on the subject has been lost.

The darker years

After hearing the call of several hundred survivors that there would be an attempt to escape Malton and seek freedom, William and several other members, with board permission, attempted to reach the area in an effort to ensure the movement's success. Unfortunately, the movement was ultimately doomed to failure owing to the combined efforts of several zombie groups, and all members were promptly killed in a vain effort to defend the building. After this catastrophe, Will and several other members disappeared, shambling off into the darkness.

Re-emerging into Malton

After a few years of disappearance, during which he stayed in the same place, William Roy re-emerged, alive this time, from inactivity and found that most of his contacts were not responding to their phones, and many had not been seen for at least a month. Here, he decided to get back in shape, sober up (somewhat) and find a group of people he could fight the good fight with. Hell, maybe Umbrella might be still active.

Umbrella Returns

In the start of 2014, Umbrella decided to return to Malton and reunite. The group decided to fight in Shearbank and Yagoton, before eventually moving to Fort Creedy and fighting alongside the CDF. Since then Umbrella has moved on to pastures new.

Things are slow, and the group is by no means as big or as great as it used to be, but we're Umbrella and we're back together. That's all that matters.


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Yeah, you may stop a zombie for the short term, but then they'll PK you.

Allied Groups

Most of my allies are members of the Umbrella Corporation.

Thanks to

(These groups or individuals may not be official allies of my group, but have helped me out when I have needed support).

Yagoton Revivification Clinic for helping me stand up again.

Fort Perryn Defence Force, fun to try and fight alongside you in Whittenside.

Defenders of Fort Creedy for the fun I had in Pitneybank. Sorry we weren't there to die with you in the end.


Columbine Kids- incident of unprovoked PKing at Clapham Stadium. Also, I just find that the group goes beyond black comedy and into "not funny" territory. Sorry.

Ridleybank Resistance Front- failed attempt to PK me at Creedy and killing at a location I will not disclose here.

Feral Undead - well, I'm a survivor duh.