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Nickolai Zinoviev
Joined: 2009-02-07 15:53:16
Character class: Military
Favorite equipment: Mateba .454 Casull revolver
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Alive
Character group: USSR
Character stats: class A++ operative
Journal: No journal for Nickolai Zinoviev

Nickolai Zinoviev (based on Russian Николай Зиновьев) was a ruthless U.B.C.S. operative and Monitor secret agent (taking part in Operation Watchdog) in the Umbrella Corporation


Raccoon City Outbreak

Nickolai served as a Commando Team Leader, with the rank of Sergeant, when the U.B.C.S. was sent into Raccoon City by Umbrella in an effort to contain the T-virusoutbreak.

Secretly, however, Nickolai was a member of "Operation: Watchdog"; a covert mission to gather combat data on Zombies and escaped B.O.W.s and other dangers in the infested city. With each collection of information, the agent in question would receive a large monetary reward.

The Platoon he was assigned to suffered heavy casualties, with only he, corporal Carlos Oliveira and Lieutenant Mikhail Victor surviving. Upon the inclusion of former S.T.A.R.S. member Jill Valentine into the group, they prepared for evacuation to the Saint Michael Clock Tower. Before the tram could be started however, Nickolai was attacked by Zombies.

Two days later, on the early hours of October 1st, he was in the Raccoon General Hospital where he was seen by Carlos. He managed to escape before Carlos could attack him, leaving Carlos to run away from C4 charges which later blew up the building.

Nickolai used his position to assume command of a UBCS team tasked with "Operation: Emperor's Mushroom"; to retrieve a sample of blood from a Tyrant named Thanatos. Thanatos proved to be too much for the team to handle, so Nickolai was forced to enact the contingency plan; destroying Raccoon University. This failed, resulting in Thanatos mutating into Thanatos R. However, he had escaped long before the buildings, and thus the Tyrants destruction.

He went to the Raccoon Park where he met Jill again, revealing his real plans, before escaping to the "Dead Factory" upon the arrival of a giant worm.

Jill met him for a final time within the factory grounds, where he commandeered a Helicopter - the same helicopter Carlos told Jill about. Due the fact, that Jill couldn't survive a single burst from helicopter minigun, they Nickolai have escaped Racoon right before city was wipe out with missile strike.


The Nickolai dearest comrade, Sergey Vladimir, found his death at the Caucasus region of the Russian Federation, in an Umbrella base disguised as an oil refinery. Wesker himself infiltrated the base at the same time a Biohazard wiped out some 98% of the research staff. Wesker managed to take a train to the main shaft where he met Sergei a second time. This time, Sergei sent both of his Ivans to kill him. An attack team lead by Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine entered the base, with the intention of destroying Umbrella for good. None of that would have been possible if not for Wesker's actions.

Sergei stood in the way of Wesker's attempt to steal the U.M.F.-013's data and, after releasing the T-A.L.O.S. to fight Chris and Jill, he mutated into a huge Tyrant (indication that he infected himself moments before Wesker caught him). Despite Sergei's immense strength, extremely powerful tentacles and ability to blast an unidentified organic projectile, Wesker destroyed him and stole the Umbrella data.

After that Nickolai have lost his loyality to Umbrella and start his own war against corporation. Colonel Sergei Vladimir (Russian: Сергей Владимирович}} was the Umbrella Corporation's highest ranking executive and Ozwell E. Spencer's most loyal officer. He was a very good friend of Zinoviev also. Together they've shared the pain of being ronins, pain of USSR collapse. Together they've found new master in Umbrella and Lord Spencer.

Sergey's death was a last proof, that the new master is nothing more than wicked monster, eating souls and bodies of his own soldiers alive.

Nickolai went underground, staying aside from BSAS and Umbrella subsisidiaries conflicts for some time. He have spend a years to find out, that the Umbrella was in charge of Soviet Union destruction. Some facts - like that the Chornobyl disaster was actually sabotage of corporation operatives - put him in the depths of dark black rage. He find out also, that BSAS wasn't really opposite to Umbrella - they were driven by Ozwell puppets.

So he brings his revenge to both sides and stays a great danger for this rotten cobweb of intrigue made from undead human flesh.

He knows that can't ever find salvation for what he done during the work in UBCS.

But he can burn Umbrella to the ground all by himself.

That what he beliefs in.

Malton City Outbreak

Investigation of Umbrella crimes led Nickolai to Malton and NecroTech researches, years after oubreak in Pitman Mansion.

He has seen many others cities like this - Racoon was not first - Malton will be not last. But now he uses all his unique experience to help out survivors dig from outbreak mess. He have joined the survivors group, emmigrants from ex-USSR, to gain more effective help for simple people. He's even put his revenge back for a while and come in interaction woth UBCS in Malton - but he didn't forget and didn't forgive anything.

Nickolai has a though, that Malton - is a global Umbrella experiement of BOW use. City have only low-tech weapons and there is no usual mutants here - only eternal circle of deaths and rebirths. Revification is unique process - T- and G-virus mutation were irreversible. Only Wesker have leaved his human form - but this is not the same.

The research data from this city has something enourmous and horrible behind it. Due the Umbrella now officialy doesn't exist (even if in Malton so - not in the rest of world outside the Quarantine), Nickolai is trying to find some clues about what the Malton Experiment goal and who is in responsobility for this.


Mateba .454 Casull revolver


The Mateba Unico Model 6 is a funky “auto-revolver” - being that it uses the recoil of a fired shot to cycle the cylinder to the next shot, and to cock the hammer - making it an automatic pistol in function, although still using a cylinder like a standard revolver. It is also unusual that the barrel is aligned to the bottom of the cylinder instead of the top.

The major benefit of the revolver design is the ability to load heavier ammunition than a traditional automatic - the Mateba Model 6 Unico takes advantage of this and is chambered not only in .357 and .44 magnum, but also in .454 Casull.

Due the Nickolai experience, stantard 9x19 guns are don't give enough firepower to fight against the hard forms of BOWs such as Tyrant, even considering fact, that Nickolai was one of the best sharpshooters in UBCS. To give himself an power and different ammunition use advantage he have chose Mateba as regular gun.

TP-82 pistol

The TP-82 pistol (Russian: ТП-82) is a triple-barreled Soviet firearm that was carried by cosmonauts on space missions.


It is intended as a survival aid to be used after landings and before recovery in the Siberian wilderness. The upper two smoothbore barrels usually use 12.5 mm caliber ammunition, and the lower rifled barrel use 5.45 mm caliber ammunition. The pistol can be used for hunting, to defend against predators and for visual and auditory distress signals. The detachable buttstock is also a machete sheath, which Nickolai uses as an axe.


This pistol was redesinged by some Nickolai KGB old pals, according to the newest technologies and his personal requirements. Now main barrels use .410, which is easy to find in a gun stores and lower barrel is bigger and used as a flare gun. This allows to save the place and lessen the weight of cariied weapons.


Matter of principle

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