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Military logistics specialist. Didn't plan on coming to Malton, didn't want to come and really wants to get out.

Currently finishing the Malton Tour '06. Erik Davis, where are you?!

Why don’t we have any heavy weapons? Because my superiors were inept.

This is the first time that I’ve gotten to sit down since this cluster fuck started. I was sent here to handle supplies! I’m a logistics man, not a fucking killer. Or at least I wasn’t a killer until 3 months ago. For years now I have been a lieutenant handling the logistics of fucking battalion worth of troops and armor and I was running it perfectly. My superiors were inept, but they knew when they had someone who could make them look good. I can’t tell you how many times I handled a complete deployment without Captain Rogers or Major Smith doing anything more than coming in and signing their name to my work. That’s why that miserable little shit of a man dragged me here. Rogers got called up for this “Special�? mission and must have shit his pants thinking that he was going to have to do some actual planning. Just for once he was going to have to do more than look at my work and nod his head like he understood anything that he was reading. That’s why he asked to have me detailed with him for this deployment. He couldn’t ask for my help while the planning was going on, because the brass was following up the “Top Secret�? stamp with some actual spooks watching his arse. At least I was able to get the MedKits drops to the hospital…not with any real regularity, but some of them have been on target. And the food supplies seem to be running alright, or at least I haven’t heard of any of these so called “Survivors�? going hungry. Had I known what we faced, I would have spent what little time Rogers gave me setting up the logistics to get some more weapons in to the quarantine corridor. All that idiot told me was that we were going to have to be helping a lot of “sick�? people, so I focused on medical supplies….what a mistake.

But why didn’t anyone think to have the units bring their heavy weapons with them? These units were tossed together overnight. Most got flown in via chartered commercial to that airport about 9 miles off base, and about 19 miles out of Malton. Rogers never realized that the units thrown together overnight would only be assembling with their side arms. Did he think they would have their M-16’s in the overhead compartments? Did he see any tanks or APC on the base we deployed from? Christ! It was a armory from 1950! I think we were lucky that it had running water! Well, that’s all behind me now. After the units that I was shipped here with was attacked by that horde of people, or monsters or, I don’t know what to call them! Anyway, after the attack, I’ve been trying to find some members of my unit…or a radio that get a signal. From what I’ve seen, HQ has no idea what we are facing in here… There’s some noise outside…I think I need to be moving now.

Lt. Nicks - Nicks 03:27, 2 May 2006 (BST)

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