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Jackie Foster
Jackie watches over the block surrounding the Wensleydale Arms.

Name: Jacqueline 'Jackie' Mina Foster

Age: 19 Years Old

Birthplace: Montréal, Québec, Canada

Strengths: Critical Thinker, Insightful, Agile, Resilient, Resourceful, Persistent

Weaknesses: Antisocial, Aggressive, Arrogant, Stubborn, Self-Centered, Preoccupied, Moody, Melancholic, Smoker

Loves: Cats, Children, Aggressive Music, Black, Piercings, Knives, Cigarettes, Alcohol

Hates: Company, Socialization, Optimism, Conceit, Mainstream Music

Appearance: A moody Caucasian woman, she is jewelled in facial piercings and wears excessive eyeliner, her face partially concealed behind razor-cut jet-black hair. She has a light build and stands at five feet, six inches. Her grey eyes have a piercing gaze but often seem distracted. She smells heavily of cigarettes.

She speaks with a noticeable Québécois accent.

She dresses dark; a black hooded sweater over a band t-shirt, black jeans, and black loafers. Around her neck is a Wiccan pentacle of pewter, concealed under her shirt.

She uses her Benchmade 62 Butterfly knife in combat, distasteful of the attracting noise of a gun.

Current Status: Staying at The Wensleydale Arms.

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