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Joined: 2006-06-05 11:38:42
Character Details: Urban Dead profile
Alignment: Neutral-Evil
Character Class: Corpse
Primary hurtin': Claws
Secondary hurtin': Teeth
Current Status: Dead and kickin'
Location: ?
Group: 18:00

Why the second char?

I keep hearing about this whining how zombies are much weaker and lesser in numbers, so I made myself a zed -char. (It got killed within first hour by Zombie Hunter after spending my all 50 APs trying to take off few pieces of barricades.. Sucks.)

Nowadays my char is starting to be kinda fun. I love dragging those stupid harmans outside, just to see them kick and scream when I chew their legs of one by one, while only STREETS IS WATCHIN'!

Why the change of colours?

For fun.. I got bored with the old one and needed a reason to make other.


REALLY cool idea. You should consider joining that thing here. If you don't.. Well then I'll smack you and eat you. Mrrr!

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