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RIP Nitrochrome.JPG
Joined: 28-02-2008
Character class: Consumer
Favorite equipment: Pistols, Shotguns
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: KIA. Have a Safe Journey to the next life.
Character group: None
Character stats: Level 5
Journal: Dead men tell no tales. Therefore no journal for NitroChrome

An unfortunate consumer who was trapped in Monroeville after the area was quarantined. Surprisingly though, he was doing quite well for himself, quickly buying firearms skills, until he was murdered by a PK'er! Outraged, he moaned revenge, and tried to break back into the building, but sadly, as a level 1 zombie he had no chance. Miserable and desolate he shambled around the streets for a time, mercilessly killing while losing his humanity. Just when he thought his (un)life couldnt get any worse, he stumbled into the path of some seasoned zombie hunters... Yet again, he never stood a chance. He was tragically cut down by gunfire on March 30th in front of the Van Matre towers.

Rest in peace, NitroChrome.

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