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Norin Coone
Starting Occupation: Science
Group Membership: Dunell Hills Police Department
Goals: Survive and help where I can
Username: Genflare
More details: Urban Dead profile


Basic Info

Arrived in the City: Arrived late of 2005, near the Hills actually.
Current Status: Currently alive, wandering pretty much aimlessly. Looking to start wandering again.


Wandering the western half of the city a little bit before settling down in Dunell Hills. Joined the DHPD soon after. At one point, kept watch at Calvert Mall. Now, helps out at the Rabit Hole, occasionally running back to Calvert for refills.

After a long break, started wandering the city. Went of a pilgrimage to all the main cathedrals. Completed that in February '11. Now, looking for a new excuse to wander the city, helping out.

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