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What do I do on this wiki?

Well, I annoy a lot of people, but that's neither here nor there. I have though found two things that I'm doing on a regular basis.

The first is that I'm the self-proclaimed person in charge of the Category: Yagoton pages (you'll see the Categories:Yagoton at the bottom of each of those pages) with the exception of those pages that belongs to the groups, of course. I wikify those pages, check for typo and formatting and make sure things are generally acceptable on those page.

I also tend to get the Category:Locations page up to scratch somewhat, although that's a big task, and I've been writing the guidelines for locations in general. Based on my work on the locations pages, I'm applying to be a moderator.

I'm also a member of Project Welcome

Pwlogo.png Project Welcome Member
This User is a proud member of Project Welcome, and is dedicated to helping new wiki users to become good and productive wiki users.

And of course, I play on Urban Dead...


My Characters

My Urban Dead characters:

El Tynov

El Tynov is my first character and such was the most often killed. He is currently surviving the siege of Caiger Mall.

Ty Novel

My second character is stationed near a mall healing everyone who passes through... it was PKers at one point in October. He's completely maxed and has every survivor and zombie skill except Brain Rot.

Y N Ovelt

Y is current part of a group called Sons of Korhal, which is lead by Rekkon. This is a new group but as the group members get used to each other we are beginning to fight more effectively as a team. Y serves as the advisor to the group.

Recently Y was caught outside the Sons of Korhal safehouse and was subsequently mauled by a zombie. He quickly gained zombie skills while dead and headed to a revivification point thanks to Memories of Life. He was revived in less than a day after he was killed.

Velt Y No

Velt is hardly played these days as he is located in a suburb with not much happening.


I have a lone zombie who started life as a human. He is wandering the centre of Malton as well and hopes to run into Gorbonzo one of these days. He doesn't get played too often though since he does not ignore the 160 hits per day limit. Some days he gets revived by some fundamalist syringe-wielder, at which case he simply continue to try to make sense of the violence in Malton. However, he gets killed almost as often as a zombie.

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