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A PKer using the rat approach stays in a mall and kills people either in the mall(not recommended) or
in the surrounding area. This approach provides easy access to ammunition but is a risk because malls
are often targets of hordes and are also filled with people who will kill the rat if and when they catch on.


A PKer using the spider approach stays in one building and kills people in the surrounding area.
They will generally kill the other inhabitants of the building first. It is recommended to pick a
building within 15 squares of a mall or 5 squares of a PD. A building on a well used free run lane
provides targets but also exposes the spider to bounty hunters. An entry point provides low level
targets who are unlikely to have flak jackets or bodybuilding. Many spiders choose their buildings for
roleplay. A church for a zealot, a school for a teacher, a hospital for a surgeon, etc.


A wolf actively hunts specific targets such as bounty hunters and members of specific groups. Wolves
tend to kill fewer people because they hunt specific targets but they often have higher bounties on the
RG. This is arguably the most dangerous of approaches as bounty hunters talk to other bounty hunters
and groups often keep lists of people who kill their members.


A sociopath kills without regard to their victims' groups or play style. They typically don't follow HAT.

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