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Self-proclaimed and entirely unacknowledged leader of the Legion of the Octopope. He has never worn an trenchcoat, seen his family torn apart by a zombie mob or served in 'Nam. Loyal devotee of the Octopope, the non blood-splattered beret, tuna and world communism.

Yes, he is a cat. No-one knows why this small housecat has developed the ability to speak or where he got his thumbs. But in a town where the dead walk the earth, people don't really ask too many questions.

Related Quotes

"Give it some cream and it might give us the shotgun back".

"There's nothing in here but a cat.... oh Jesus, it bit off my thumb, it taken my..."


"I'm not wasting a needle on a cat... until it lets go of my leg."

"Hail the Octopope and all animalistic minions thereof."

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