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User:Iscariot for Excessive Bullying.
Tl;wr: Iscariot’s posting has degraded to nothing more than bullying (and by his own admission he contributes nothing).

Precedent: Grim’s misconduct case (prior to the coup) was on the basis of bullying. Also, new accounts are banned if the majority of the posts are vandalism. Age of an account should not matter when it is primarily trolling.

In some of the links I have linked to the entire section so that you can get a feel for the mood of the conversation before he chimes in.

Pattern of Bullying:

  1. His hostile rules on his talk page. Even striking nice comments [[1]].
  2. New User that he reported instead of leaving a note on the talk page when it is a newbie mistake.
  3. Wanted a legitimate arbitration ruling on a case he wasn't even involved with overturned
  4. Complained that the wrong template was used when performing a legal vote strike
  5. Complained that his own warning was struck 7 votes premature when it was clearly "the will of the people" that the requirements for a strike be lowered to aid in rehabilitation and therefor reasonable to believe leniency was the desired effect.
  6. Complaining about a sysop enforcing the intent of a rule rather than the exact letter of it. (Ironically, the comment is by a sysop and he did not delete it from his page. Which shows that either he can be rationale or he is a complete hypocrite)
  7. Requesting protections for non-existent pages with his usual people skills)

Hostility in unwarranted situations to people not directly involved.

  1. Category Talk: Suggestions

Quote: I repeat myself enough over there as it is, I don't want to be repeating myself more just because the sysop team can't be bothered with protecting an additional page. - my emphasis.

  1. Insulting and derogatory comments about sysops not even involved in that part of the discussion.

Every post on an admin page has some threat, insults, threats of vandalism, or negative comment on either sysops or other posters even when the post in question is not directly about those.

Nuisance Cases:

  1. Reporting himself
  2. Reporting old cases

Blatant harassment:

  1. His comments on Talk:Suggestions.
  2. His behavior in Arbitration is a good example. When attempts at addressing “personality conflicts” arise (Conndraka/Hagnat’s cases) he willfully disrupts the process and continues his hostile actions. He will not allow sysops to post on his page and won't participate in any discussion about his behavior.
  3. His demands to get things his way even when impossible ( protecting non-existent pages) or moving pages when they do not need to be.
  4. He also requested that he be allowed to move up the vandal ladder, so why not help him? If users request a ban for themselves we oblige.
  1. Clearly singling me out.

Since Iscariot is not a sysop this should be brought here to A/VB. The above links are only a sampling showing that his bullying isn't limited to one particular area and that makes it worse. I'm sure most users on here can think back to some "incident" with him that wasn't included. The majority of his posts is not good faith contributions, outright hostile, and go so far as to be “shitting up” the Admin. pages. He has not tried to get sysop; therefore, it isn’t as though he is a frustrated user that is pissed off about a failed promotion.

Actually, by not being a sysop it gives him more "license to troll" since his time isn’t filled with carrying out Administrative duties and the current sysop team does not “stalk” users to find infractions.

This isn’t about “civility” it is about bullying and there is a huge difference. Even when comments toward him are civil and nice his response is hostile. Just because he isn’t going around blanking pages doesn’t mean he isn’t a vandal. His attitude toward the community is clearly bad faith which is the basis of vandalism. There is a pattern of behavior over a long time to demonstrate his bullying. Even the goons (self admitted trolls) didn’t shit up admin pages outside of A/VB cases against one of them. His bullying knows no boundaries and isn’t a response to hostility directed at him since most of the time he strikes first.

Request: Karek has said he is not like this other places, so perhaps this could be an intervention of sorts, too. He has this persecution complex acting like he is the only voice of "the community" and every perceived slight against him is destroying the very fibers of the wiki. I say that his bullying attitude toward the sysop team (that he never tried to be a part of) is the most damaging. Stirring up drama is clearly bad faith. And for someone that is so "POLICY POLICY POLICY" to the point of splitting hairs, I am having a hard time finding any evidence that he has contributed any policies.

I request a month long ban. I want to believe he can be rehabilitated. I just think he may need some time to re-evaluate his priorities and find something good on the wiki again. I would almost think just a week ban would help, however his pattern and history of abuse is quite great and I don’t see a week being long enough.

Consider the precedent. Grim's original misconduct case was about him bullying users and abusing the system. It's very clearly manipulation and wiki lawyering. I understand if you can't see any "overt act" that you feel comfortable ruling on, but think about all of his posts and his attitude. It is the abusive husband that never leaves a mark, but insults and belittles the wife all the time. This is not behavior that we can allow to continue by any member of the community.

Additional Information When he perceives that a sysop is "complaining" about some aspect he makes a snide comment and links A/DM. This is a perfect example of his bully behavior. He is trying to force his will on a group of wiki users that just so happen to be in a different category than he. If this was an issue between two other groups on the wiki the aggressor would be banned. Users have been permabanned for less harassment than what Iscariot currently does.

None of the sysops get any type of compensation for the extra work they contribute. If we allowed Iscariot (or any user like him) to drive one sysop to self demotion then we are giving in to his bullying. When it is one person "against" a group maybe the problem is really with that one person.

As far as a sysop team goes, we get along well. We have mature discussions when we have issues and come to reasonable conclusions even if we don't agree. We are not this "power mad" mob that he tries to paint us as. We aren't even that rude on the admin pages and we deal with most trolls in a polite but annoyed manner. Most of his cases or issues come from very weak "wiki lawyering" that seems to ignore the (paraphrased) guideline of Sysops are trusted users and may follow the intent of the policy rather than the letter. So, why is that guideline somehow "less equal" to the ones that he is twisting for whatever case he has at the time? The answer is because we let him make it that way. That policy is just as meaningful as any other policy on this wiki.

Karek worked too hard on this post to let it go to waste

From Liberty's talk page: Iscariot Promotion Is the dumbest thing you could have said or done on this wiki. Have you not actually seen any of his contributions or did it just not occur to you that his idiotic ramblings are just that, ill informed idiocy that would only convince people equally as ill-informed. Just because he spews shit about how his opinion is always consensus doesn't actually make it so especially when he does shit like this on a regular basis. If you want to see what he really thinks of consensus just visit the Recruitment page and its archives.This amuses me if only because he now claims to be the voice of it, which he's done before.

Maybe next time understand that there's a reason Iscariot is disliked by most every active contributor on the wiki. Then again you've been taken in by this rambling sycophant before so I don't know if I should be surprised that you actually listen to his bullshit when it's about how the wiki is out to get him as opposed to realizing how he tends to abuse the rules to try and get his way. He's pretty much shown himself to be an all around scum bag, and I used to be the guy who would defend him on the wiki, not to mention the one he used to come to for advice regarding it. --Karekmaps?! 17:53, 14 February 2009 (UTC)

I fully support Karek's attempts to libel another user on his way out of the wiki and applaud his pseudo-harassment and impotent rages. -- To know the face of God is to know madness....Praise knowledge! Mischief! Mayhem! The Rogues Gallery!. <== DDR Approved Editor 18:51, 14 February 2009 (UTC)
You are just pissed that he did it on a page where you can't remove his comments with snide little summary links. --– Nubis NWO 19:02, 14 February 2009 (UTC)

The Iscariot-o-meter
This is the Iscariot-o-meter and will show how far up the annoying scale Iscariot currently is.
Face-grin.png No problems. The wiki is as normal.
Face-wink.png There's a couple of minor rants. Nothing wiki-breaking though.
Face-smile.png Few idle threats, bit of newbie bashing but no-one is going to die.
Face-sad.png Here comes the Misconduct cases!!
Face-surprise.png ZOMGZ!! WALLS OF TEXT!! MY EYES!!!
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