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UD Wiki Rules

Under the Newbiz World Order the wiki would be run more like a moderated forum rather than a free for all wiki. There would be two distinct sides: Game Information and Role Playing.

Game Information

All information on items, skills, locations, and character types will be up to a standard and maintained by the sysops.

  • Images on locations and of items must be approved and protected. They will not be copyrighted images and will meet certain resolution and size requirements.
  • Articles on character types must be neutral and informational. (None of this classification of ZK, PK, Zombie Spy, and so on). It is Survivor and Zombie only.
  • Locations will only include the basic information about what is found at a location, the map coordinates, an approved image, and the surrounding locations block.
    A section may be added for groups to add their links if they are active, however, since maintaining a current up to date status on a location (the old NEWS section) is difficult to verify it will be removed. Groups will still be subjected to the Group Massacre to determine if their link on the page should still be there.
  • A factual article defining the terms will be written and links to groups that claim to play that way may be provided.
  • Inactive, orphaned, and low content pages will be deleted.

Role Playing

Groups are allowed to create a page describing themselves. The graphics they use must meet certain standards and will not be pornographic in anyway.

If a group wants to claim a location as theirs they are to make a page for it under their own space. The main space page for a location is off limits for game propaganda. This will keep edit wars to a minimum and prevent the data from being outdated and useless.

If your group wants to write up an article about ZK, PK, and so on it will be under your space.


A/VB is for reporting cases. If you are not involved in the case there is no need to comment on it. The only parties allowed to comment are sysops, the victim, and the suspect.

A/A will no longer be needed since there will be no groups on location pages and therefor no need to arbitrate about what should be on that page.


Suggestions will no longer be voted on formally. If a suggestion on Developing Suggestions garners enough support (a more informal voting will take place there with more discussion) It may be written up and posted in Peer Reviewed.

This will eliminate any vote striking drama and actually foster a discussion on the suggestion rather than only allowing the author to respond to votes.

More to come...

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