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This journal is a documentation of my experiences in the city of Malton.

I hope that it reaches out to those who read it as I fear my life is in constant jeopardy.

Click For Part 1 Of My Journal
Click For Part 3 Of My Journal
--Nursefighteradam 15:38, 23 January 2014 (UTC)

Entry #8

Entry #8 Interception

I’ve been in my church hiding from the world, trying to plan my next move.

I have learned that I must move and be careful of my surroundings as the creatures are everywhere.
I have come to understand that many of the buildings are blocked off within the area to prevent attack
or further damage from occurring. I need to be strong, skilled and smart in planning my next move.

When I started moving through the streets I noticed that many are empty and that it seems there are
now more zombies starting to wander the area. Staying within one place may get me killed… but I could
stay here and be protected? Unless they eventually find me from my scent..


As I am dwelling on all of this I can hear a noise in the distant background, it startles me as my thoughts
turn to creatures that could possibly be wandering about the church searching for prey. As I turn I notice
where the noise is coming from and dig through my backpack only to pull out my radio.

The sound is muffled so I change the tuning until it slowly becomes clear

"This is Dr. Henry Ross of St."
"I repeat St. Alexander's Hospital"
"If you can hear me out there you’re not alone"
"I repeat you’re not alone"
"Whatever your need of medical assistance..."
"I will gladly apply first aid to you as I have supplies."
"If anyone is listening I have had it rough."
"I have been to many places while running..."
"...running from those things...zombies whatever you call..."
"but It's probably not worse than some of your stories"
"I've got a tip for anyone who is listening..."
"Keep a low profile with the hordes, and if they break in run..."
"..and find a better place to hide from them."
"that is all I have to say. Have a nice day everyone"


The radio itself begins to cut out and I start to think of the message. “Is it safe for me to run out and
provide help to someone in need
Especially, with what I have been through?

I continue to change channels within the radio to see if I can pick up any other messages.
I manage to detect one individual who mentions a “giant city in the sky”, “setting a record in one
building before it being destroyed” and “surviving and thriving.” I think this person is a little insane but
who wouldn’t be after going through this infested city? (Especially, the loneliness aspect)

All of a sudden a bright light spreads across the room illuminating everything it touches. I look quickly to
see the source as I duck to hide because I don’t wish to be seen. In the distance I see a flare in the sky,
flying overhead the tall buildings.

“It must be a sign,” I think to myself. Do I risk it? I pack up my supplies and take the leap of faith yet
again hoping I am not walking towards a trap. It should be alright, I have my plans

A guilty conscience.jpg
--Nursefighteradam 03:59, 29 January 2014 (UTC)

Entry #9

Entry #9 Hope in Warnings

I started towards the flares direction; it was a cold night with an unforgiving chill. As I walked through
the lonely streets I was led towards a vacant auto repair shop. “This must have been where the signal
came from” (I thought to myself) There was a dangling sign that said: Marston Auto Repair. The doors of
the repair shop were secured closed; it looked very vacant while I heard, than seen four zombies slowly

I started to hide... I had found a small open entrance into the garage of the building and I crawled
through it. As I explored and opened doors on the inside of the building I noticed that there was a power
generator on with a fuel gage display that indicated a close to empty tank. As I turned I immediately saw
“The Blue Knife” written in spray-paint on the wall behind me. What is the Blue Knife? I began to think...
There was no trace of the flares source so I began to sneak back outside of the building and into the


Before I managed to leave the entrance I was grabbed by something, as I looked over my shoulder there
was a zombie attached to my arm. He clawed several times into my flesh ripping my sleeve, I managed
to kick him backwards and I ran out onto the street avoiding the other four zombies who were waiting
for a warm meal.

I made it back to my church, avoiding further confrontation. I know it is my church because the courtyard
is noticeable with the statues of weeping angels that line the entrance. The door leading to the church was
open…I swear to myself that it was closed when I had left. Concerned that it was a zombie I prepared
myself and cautiously entered.


Inside I found a man hiding in the confession booth to the church. I knew it was a man because I could
hear him cough and see his dark brown boots underneath the door… zombies usually do not cough or
show signs of any infection besides their own (which is not the common cold). I then pulled the door
open to the confession booth exposing him….

The man seemed very weary of me… I noticed the determination within his eyes as he spoke.
“How long have you been in this hell hole? I've been here since the beginning…as soon as it hit the fan.”
His appearance involved a white tie, short-sleeved shirt, red jacket, brown coat, and black jeans. He was
similar to the others that I had seen as they had blood on their clothing as well. What a common
occurrence in this dark city, almost like the people of Malton are “marked” for death I thought to myself.

I asked him many questions and received no answers. He seemed harmless enough to me that I left him
be. We were both so similar in our needs that where he came from did not matter to me. He didn’t
attack me when I discovered him and I left to my own quarters for the night.

In the morning, I heard him scuffling around…looking for something. Again he wouldn’t speak with me
when asked what his plans were. I said "Good morning to you… I know it has been a rough night for
both of us, you can stay here just be careful not to make too much noise or use any lights. They could
see us you know. "Then I provided him with food. He wouldn’t accept the food right away so I left a
tray next to him.

I than gathered my supplies and decided to look for others like him. To remind them of a place they
can go for sanctuary.

As I was walking during the morning I came across a man sleeping on hotel steps. He didn’t appear to
be hostile and I told him where the church was. That it was important for him to go there if he
required safety and that it’s open to those in need.

Another person that I met was a woman. Every other individual that I have met thus far is either dead or
a male. I have a soft spot for the ladies especially since they are very vulnerable to everyone. I can see
the idea of predators existing during this catastrophe. I worked with them at the prison, in the jails and
the courthouses. I don’t know who has escaped and happened to be killed, I just knew it was very
unsafe for ladies to be alone. I wanted to offer her a place to go but I didn’t. She began talking about her
lost kittens while wearing a blood-soaked pale blue blouse. She seemed odd and really out of place. I
don’t know if I trusted her sanity during these times of an apocalypse so I passed her by. It’s not my
normal nature to do that to someone but I just knew she would be a risk because of the mental


I decided to head back to my home as I was becoming exhausted. I saw a poster at a club that was
hanging off the side wall. It mentioned that there was a killer on the loose, his name is Kyle Jenkinso. I
decided that maybe it was a good time to head back as another zombie came out from the alleyway. I
struck him with my trusty friend and made it back to my home ground.

Once back inside I told my new company that what had happened and my idea of inviting others to stay
in our home. He seemed indifferent to the idea, as I grabbed the empty plate that was left near him on
the floor….

--Nursefighteradam 17:23, 29 January 2014 (UTC)

Entry #10

Entry #10 The Stranded

Last night my guest decided to break the barrier of conversation and reveal his story to me.

He thanked me for the food I provided him with, identified himself as Derek and that he has been in
Malton since the beginning of the events that have taken place.

This is our conversation:

"I'm not even from Malton actually. I was here on a business trip for my company. It was just my luck to
be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I was in a meeting with some city officials, about allowing me to set up some offices in Malton, and the
overlying area


I was wrapping up when Mr. Smith attacked us after coming out of the bathroom. He said he felt very ill
before going in...I should have known... After that it went to hell.

I fled the building while...while “It” ate the others.
I...didn't even help them... (the expression of his face changed to despair as he looked towards the ground
in shame)

After that I got to my hotel and grabbed my phone, a baseball bat, and the
morning’s newspaper. The military came to get me as some sort of V.I.P I guess. Wanting to do something
right this time I refused to go unless they took the others. They reluctantly agreed, and we drove away in armoured trucks.

Old Military Truck.jpg

After a few minutes passed... We hit something in northern Malton I believe.
Appalled I puked at hearing it was a corpse picked clean.

I was ordered out of…sorry, out of the car after we heard loud moans and grunts. Then I was escorted
inside a shabby motel with a broken sign that said Meacham motel on it. The escorts then left leaving me
alone in there.

The noises became loud until they were right outside...I heard shouts, screams, grunts, and gunfire
thereafter. About two hours later they faded, and I searched the area to no avail.

I came back after that, and went to sleep ending that horrible day. And that is how it started for me..."

I noticed he went silent after his introduction…we both did. We then were startled by the sound of
footsteps coming towards us. Derek armed himself with a lamp light while I brandished my axe…

I heard a man’s voice say "Hi I am Erich." and I noticed there was a man who entered quietly behind him
with medical supplies while Erich was carrying clear bottles under one arm. We let down our guard and
Erich’s companion began bandaging my wounds.

"I'm not in any group are you?" Erich asked as both I and Derek stared at him.
"I used to be part of London’s police force” (He continued).

“I was chasing a murderer down country roads when I came to Malton, and I thought it was weird because
there was a large military presence.

I chased him for a couple more minutes, and I finally ran him off the road in what I have been told is the
suburb of Brooke hills, and I locked him up in this PD called Spence row.


While I was doing the paperwork for the chase the quarantine went into effect. The criminals started to
get sick and then...they started to was all crazy... the guys that worked there left, and I was alone with a
couple of “zombified” criminals.

Eventually me and a new friend killed them and dumped their bodies outside. Awhile later some zombies
broke in, and well that's basically it.

Hey if you want some water I found some water bottles while searching a hospital awhile back.”
(Erich quickly took one of the bottles of water to satiate his thirst).

“Here, I'll set some of them over here if you want some later”
(he quietly rests three of the clear bottles on the ground)

“Oh hey, one thing that I like doing is...hitting a zombie with a newspaper, it's so hilarious.

Speaking of that I think I have one.” (Erich picks up a blue backpack that was safely hidden behind a stone
pillar outside.) “let me see...” (he continues digging through the backpack) “Ah, I found it...” The man
pulls out a torn and worn newspaper with bits of blood on the end. (probably from his swipes at zombies)


“Here, I'll read you what it says after I look at it. The only thing that I found that is
of interest in the newspaper is its quarantine information pamphlet. It reads warning
that heavily barricading a building may prevent civilians or military personnel
from taking shelter there

Erich than throws it on the ground. “Yep that's totally true. It has happened to me multiple times. It kind
of gets annoying when every building is closed off so you can't enter.

Do you agree with me?” Derek nods as I continue to listen.
“Man I'm tired see you later!” Erich leaves back into the night with his companion following closely behind him.

Derek mentions to me that he wishes to sleep because he is tired from the day. I allow him the use of my
private quarters as I stay up during the night keeping guard of the church.

I continue to think about Erich’s and Derek’s stories. It’s nice to have some contact for once because it’s
been so quiet. (I think to myself)

--Nursefighteradam 22:55, 30 January 2014 (UTC) (UTC)

Entry #11

Entry #11 The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Men Often Go Astray....

During the night I started renovating the church which involved repairing the plumbing, the lighting
and the reconstruction of the building (my supplies came from drywall that was in the basement of the
church which lay against a wall, along with buckets of paint and tools).


While I was doing this task one curious zombie entered the church... Strangely enough he
didn't attack anyone, instead he growled and yelled inaudible tones, while pointing at the ceiling,
the floor and then himself. Afterwards he took off towards a cemetery with me following close behind him.

I went with him in order to see if there were other zombies plus I provided him with the added bonus of a
warning blow to the body. I proceeded back to the church where I found some supplies
that I was able to use in order to further barricade the doors and prevent another incident from occurring.

While working I stumbled upon Erich as he was going to enter the building, he actually ended up
waking Derek from his sleep in the process. He told me that he saw everything occur
through a window in the church. He saw the zombie enter the building and ran to the
window to see what was going on. Erich and Derek both thought it was very strange that
the zombie was trying to communicate to us and they both considered the church shelter.


Erich started conversation with the topic of a military radio frequency (25.96MHz) as well as spray painting
a message on the building for others to see. Our group decided to hold a small vote on the painting
that is to be sprayed on our wall. I notice afterwards that Derek starts to refuel the generator that we have in
the background which runs most of our power. As Derek finishes filling the tank he suggests that we find more fuel
inside of an auto shop that is close by. As a final idea for the group, we all wrote a special
number that we could call to contact one another in the future as a precaution.
(In order to do that however, there has to be a live connection within the suburb.

Derek than leaves the building to scout for other locations that we can go to in
case of emergency. He has me jot down 7 blocks West, 5 Blocks North onto paper.

All of us were exhausted from this activity and we went straight to sleep

Once morning hit I started to prepare breakfast for both Derek and Erich. While I looked at
the front door, I had noticed that the barricades I had built were weakened and a zombie was
sticking his head through the cracks.


I then attempted to wake the guys up and told them of the situation to no avail.
So I grabbed my axe and went outside and took some swings at the zombie. I hit him
hard enough to knock him back in order to rebuild the lost barricades on the door.

You have Construction (Player is able to build barricades, repair machinery and restore ruined buildings.)
--Nursefighteradam 19:33, 31 January 2014 (UTC)

Entry #12

Entry #12 The Drop-In's....

Erich told me today about his concerns about the barricades while our group ate together.
His own plans were to search for a new location just in case.

He seems to be correct in his mindset….

As Derek went to check on the zombie that attempted to break into our shelter, we all heard him yell to
us that the zombie was breaking in, that the barricade will no longer hold out. That was the last time we
were going to see Derek…..

Derek left the building as I continued to attack the zombie in order to defend our home. I succeeded and
the zombie was destroyed, I noted the sound of a flare going off in the background aftewards.

Later in the evening I came across two other female survivors at our door. One of them is named Anja
(which I learned from her companion) and was wearing a black dress with a pair of black military
leather combat boots. She looked like she needed medical attention which I helped provide (I
only had one medical kit available for use and the other I kept for myself).

Anja’s companion didn’t introduce herself as Anja struck me with a newspaper. The both of
them engaged in conversation, told me that they were just travelling through the area as they also
required a place to stay.

Anja told me if I ever needed medical attention when bitten that I should go to Rosenhagen Plaza
as medical attention is provided there. I mentioned to her the question about the Blue Knife that
was spray painted on the auto repair shops wall.

She said: “A long while ago, there was a very famous man named Blades. I saw him in this
suburb recently attacking the Wulves. I think Blades is trying to make a comeback. I am a huge
fan of Blades. He reminds me of Jerden.

I like both of them. Very dangerous, but also very smart and kind."

Anja’s Companion: "There are a few killers around like that; some don’t even bother with a
speech though like the guy that shot me over in Penny Heights."

Anja: "Oh, do you recall his name?"

Anja’s Companion: "I think his name was Gwarian or something like that..”

Anja: "Hmph. People are a lot nicer up in northern malton. The zookeepers, especially."

Anja’s Companion: "Didn’t the zookeepers have a really big zerg problem about a month ago?
and yeah they are nice" (as she smiled)

Arnheim: "Yes. Pescodside is fine too. King Murek is very lovely."

Anja’s Companion: "I think Pescodside is one place I haven’t been too yet."

Me: "Who are you speaking about if I can ask?"

Anja: "Malton has many influential groups and people. Jerden is the owner of Crowbank, Murek
owns Pescodside, the Zookeepers own Ketchelbank, the zombies own Ridleybank, the QSG
owns Roftwood. It goes on for quite a bit. Blades became a bit of a phenomena."

(Erich walks into the room during the conversation while holding a glass bowl under one arm.)

Erich: "Oh hello everyone. Has anything happened while I was gone? I couldn't find Derek though Adam..."

Me: "Is he....alive? Do you have a phone to contact him?"

(All of a sudden a zombie brings down the last of the barricade.)

Anja: "This zombie seems familiar to me. Zombie, are you well?"

(A scientist then walks by the church, notices the zombie and kills him.)

Anja’s Companion: "Going to move up to the club just north of here, if you boys need help just give
me a shout"
(Anja’s Companion leaves the building)

--Nursefighteradam 19:33, 31 January 2014 (UTC)

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