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An unknown man under the alias of obamacain has appered in Earletown, and has taken up residence at Zombra's Pub. He has been slain several times in the line of anti-zombie duty, and has had to be rescued from his attempts to draw zombie attention to ''him'', and not to newbies. obamacain now uses a Fire Axe as a cane--no real reason, it just looks cool. His "alts" are Nate Sheldonz, a Dual Natured survivor/zombie now crippled with a limp. Nate has been known to act hostile to those he deems trying to bring down survivor well being, such as PKers. His other "alt" is a Vicious Zombie sighted in the central Malton area. This zombie commonly slaughters those at revive points, and is a master tactician. (I last edited this on Saturday May 9th 2009, as any template i try to use WON'T WORK!!! I don't zerg, I support dual nature, along with the [[Sacred Ground Policy]])--~~~~ {{SacredGround}} {{DualNatured}}

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