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This is where you'll find all my lexicon bits and pieces.

Character: Elias James

Elias James was originally a political correspondent for the Malton Times, and as such was stationed in London when Malton was Quarantined. James was originally a Malton citizen, being a Wyke Hills boy, and thus when he heard of the outbreak, he immediately took the earliest train to Malton. Since the quarantine, James has been performing odd jobs in the area in order to fund his personal research into finding out exactly what's going on in Malton. He has contacts in many media sources, and is often a font of knowledge about rumour and spin, and he also has a few politicians on his good side too. A natural schmoozer, he's well-positioned to get knowledge from outside, but rather limited when it comes to knowledge inside Malton proper.

Lexicon Articles by Elias James

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