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"A man shalt stand on as long as he hath the courage to do so, and the cleverness to preserve."

"To love Literature is to know the philosophy that our race has compiled; both our triumphs and faults."

"It is foolish to believe that there is no other way than rationality, as it is foolish to believe there is no other way than spirituality, whence combining the two in utter balance, one can only imagine the understanding and meaning of life that would result."

"Behind every humble and successful man, in my mind, is a surprised woman."

"To live much and expect little is to be wise, to expect much and live little is among our races utter lows."

"A requiem for C.S ma'lads... a requiem to him shall stretch across the vast plains of the ambient imagination, soul, and mind of what the world is and will be, not one things, but two."

--Meadcomic.jpgCited Literature Critc, Mead Sheaffer.

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Welcome to the page of cited Literature Critic, Mead Sheaffer AKA Mathias Applewhyte, author of a noted Seventeen Novels and two handbooks on Surviving the Apocalypse.

Though speculated, the 'Officer' part of his name is just a nickname.

Enlisting my help

I create templates, pages, pictures, etc.

If you'd like to enlist my help for your group or page, notify me on my talk page.

If contact is indeed to be established, on any means of business, my policy is that I work independently of faction on some projects, though on others I work strictly for one faction (I.E: Survivor).

Survivor Only:

1. Forum Setup

2. Group Page Creation

3. Group Page Articulation

4. Group Page Polishing (Adding cellspacing, backgrounds, navigation etc)

5. More to come


1. Pictures (Paint, GIMP)

2. GIF's

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4. More to come


I do not affiliate with or work for PKers, or GKers.