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Lorenzo Fontinelle:

Born April 20th, 1949-Died July 5th, 2005

Lorenzo Porchini Fontinelle was a Maltonian slumlord who owned several buildings spanning the whole of Malton. Most of his financial excursions involved black market dealings and extortion attepts. Lorenzo owned several of Malton's least attractive buildings. The Vallis Motel was his primary cash cow, bringing in plenty of prostitution money along with junkies who needed a hide out. Word has it that Lorenzo's son, Corey Fontinelle, sold heroin out of one of the bathroom stalls in the lobby. Lorenzo Fontinelle commit suicide in order to avoid 'the demons'.

His suicide note can be read on The Vallis Motel Wiki Entry, Yet many believe that Lorenzo is in fact alive, and hiding somewhere in Tollyton in an old abandoned project building called Kemys Towers

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