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Take is as a rant.

I'm a RPer for life. They say UrbanDead is a MMORPG, and I really want it to be so.

Living on the outside, the emptiness I feel
Living on the outside, a wound that cannot heal
Living on the outside, the emptiness I feel
Living on the outside, ruled by the hunger
B.L.A.Z.E. - The Hunger

That's how a zombie would view life, I think... You see, something wretched, not simply "BARHAR HAMAN HAMBARGAZ!!!" and "GANGBANG MA BANANA!!!" and running around happily in search of a quick buffet.

The new rules and skills should have an "in character" base, not to be there simply because "the game is unbalanced and the other side needed this change". It's OK to metagame, as UD is fairly limited on ways to make people interact with each other, and it adds a lot of flavour to the game. Nothing should be added to the game without enough "in genre" backup.

By the way, this game needs server shutdowns from time to time (say, from three to three months), to allow a database cleanup and a new map to be created. Things get rather dull after living in a zombie-infested city for half an year and maxing out your skills... not to mention it's extremely weird the fact that the city is isolated from the outside world it's been months, with only a single supply drop, and people haven't starved yet!

A bunch of senseless gibberish? Sure, so what?

--Omega2 23:35, 22 Dec 2005 (GMT)
Character Log: Journal:Lanzer

I'm also a very proud member of the World Conspiracy to Destroy Zombies, just for the sake of it.

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