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A Front Row Seat to the Malton Apocalypse

Finally, I have gotten chance to get a PDA phone. I heard the Nichols Mall tech store had a fresh shipment, and I was fortunate to get a decent model. I figured it would help me keep my sanity to have a way to write my thoughts down. Also, I hope to explain to my children what happened here. I know they and my dear wife are safe, but I wish I could get the news out to them that I am still alive.

Not that dying matters much here. The average "zombie" seems to show human intelligence, even those with rotted brains. I myself have spent time among the walking dead, though it seems hazy to me now. After I rejoined the living and began operating in Yagoton, I heard a speech by a gentleman named Ron Burgundy, calling for the slaying of many zombies for the glory of the Norse Gods. He claimed the to have the dreaded hordes of Ridleybank locked out of their own Necrotech building, and that a "glorious battle" was taking place. Perhaps the madness here is getting to me, or my desire for vengeance after the loss of Treweeke Mall is overpowering, but I decided to head down to the nearby Nichols Mall, which I heard was serving as a supply base. So now here I sit, amidst a ruined food court of an improvized fortress near one of the largest local warzones. This reality is far stranger than any dream I ever had. That's all for the moment - the barricade on the emergency exit is shaking a bit too much for my liking.

Special Notes

Blackmore Bastard Brigade.JPG Blackmore Bastard
The Blackmore Bastard Brigade forced the RRF to lay siege to their own NecroTech- and that's why this user proudly wears their badge. It's in the form of a small button on his uniform.
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