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Four Block Spawn Clusters

Locations surrounded by four blocks of the same spawn point building type.

Balanced Spawn Clusters

Locations surrounded by all four spawn point building types (or where the location itself is one of the spawn points).

Power NecroTech Buildings

Locations where a NecroTech building, factory and auto repair are all touching each other, making them the most AP efficient NecroTechs for keeping powered (ignoring those connected to malls).

Power MPM Buildings

MPM building itself is one source and adjacent to another:

All adjacent trios of MPM, factory, auto repair:

MPM adjacent to factory and auto repair (but not to each other):

A Mostly Unique Outfit

Face a broken pair of night-vision goggles Fort Storehouse, Fort Barracks
Head a deerstalker Tompson Mall NE
Neck a silver medallion of St. Jude St. Jude's Cathedral
Shirt a Malton Zoo T-shirt City Zoo
Jacket a NecroTech jacket Any NT
Coat a black tailcoat Any mansion
Trousers a <color> tartan kilt Nichols Mall SW
Footwear a pair of big black boots Ackland Mall SE

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