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Ottari – The Political Scientist

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January 1st, 2008: Though I had been collecting supplies at Treweeke Mall over the past few days, upon hearing scattered reports of a survivor-held Blackmore, I ran from Rolt Heights to Ridleybank. After restoring power to the building using a fuel can, I collected a scan of local zombie levels which can be found here. What better way to kick off a journey in style than at the historic Blackmore Building in Ridleybank. Think I'll spend the night in Barrville, then continue to head westwards.

January 2nd, 2008: It feels like ages since I was last on this end of Malton. Caiger Mall seems to be back in survivor hands, and today I grabbed Necronet scans from the Herman Building, Kening Building, and Latrobe. Too many rotten memories are around here, from my days as a political operative, so I'm going to continue trekking. My goal is to make it to Dakerstown, and begin systematically scanning from Malton's first suburb through its last.

January 3rd, 2008: Looks like I have the first major fight on my hands since this expedition began. The Pask Building, in Dakerstown, is currently a battleground between some of my newfound friends in the Fabulous Underground Acoustic Corner Kids and the infamous zombie group known as Extinction. Their leadership has encouraged me to retreat, after being bitten by a zed in the Pask Building. It may be some time before I can get a scan, but I'll work to retake the location.

January 9th, 2008: Working with Saint Murphy and Matt Jordan of the Fabulous Underground Acoustic Corner Kids, I managed to finally get a scan from the Pask Building. What an undertaking... It's inspiring to see the progress that survivor groups are making in some of the toughest territory Malton has to offer. I'm sure that, with time and effort, the FUACK will continue to grow and Dakerstown will be restored to survivor hands. I had a chat with Xensyria today, and am considering a tour of duty with the MCDU to aide in my scan-gathering attempts.

January 12th, 2008: What a busy few days! I completed the Barrville Tour of Duty in record time thanks to some good fortune, and crossed paths briefly with Mobile Necrotechnician unmentholated in Judgewood. Wish I could have stayed to chat, but time is of the essence, especially when Extinction forces run rampant through the streets of the NW. With the completion of the Perceval Building scan today, I have earned the Ghost Recon ribbon and gotten that much closer to delicious cake.

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