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Ottari – The Political Scientist

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Friends & Allies

Having been around Malton a few times, I've made several valuable acquaintances along the way. A simple heal, revival, or generator delivery goes a long way towards expanding friendships. I hold strong ties to three groups, all of whom have their origin in NE Malton.

  • PDA small.jpg Pescodside Defense Alliance - The PDA, a fairly large survivor group located in Pescodside, came to my attention in early 2007. I had recently adopted the Clewett Building as a location from which to issue Necronet reports and find syringes. Of course, the Clewett Building found itself a frequent target of zombies for the duration of Mall Tour '07. Finding myself in need of a safehouse, Lemonhead7t7 was kind enough to offer up the Farbrother. Seeing his group's organization, and the fine work they were doing in Pescodside, I joined up. The rest, as they say, is history. The PDA began to take off: member recruitment was strong, safehouses were well-maintained, and the revive queue at Mermagen Street was kept down. My work during the Farbrother War, and monitoring of zombie movement throughout Malton eventually lead Lemonhead7t7 to promote me to the rank of General, in control of the PDA's armed forces. November-December 2007 saw the Militant Order of Barhah come to town, and I was immensely pleased to lead the PDA's armed forces and allies in an assault on MoB members that had taken up residence in the Clewett Building. Our successful operation drove the MoB from Pescodside, and back into Rolt Heights. In December 2007, I requested a leave of absence from the PDA, to begin my current mission work with Necrowatch. When I conclude my expedition around Malton, I fully intend to return to Pescodside and help the PDA continue to grow and strengthen the suburb.

Friends from My Travels

Life as a Necrotechnician means constant travel from safehouse to safehouse, suburb to suburb. During my journey, I have run into some great groups doing their part for the survivor movement. Despite not being able to linger in their area of operation for very long, I firmly believe they should be recognized and remembered for their assistance and support of my expedition, and their efforts to bring about a safer Malton.

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