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1. Pantherapardus

<insert biographical information, complete with witty references to pop culture and several famous quotes, in this general area>

In truth, all that is known of the wandering blight on the face of humanity known as Pantherapardus is that he is often accused of smelling bad due to his current lack of life. This is a lie; his scent was quite pungent even while he was alive.

His past is largely lost to the mists of time; his oldest memory now is of some outside urge breathing life into his decayed form, and he staggered off in the service of LUE. When the horde faded, so too did he. The later resurrection of LUE brought Panth back into action, now freely crossing the line of life and death, a process that seems to have eroded what sanity he had left. Upon the final resting of LUE, he stumbled his way into a group of similarly unconventional, addled, and Mostly Harmless gentlemen; however, it did not last long before he drifted away for some time, before some little voice woke him from a drunken haze and has led to him roaming freely, devoid of attachments. At this stage, he seems to be of little danger to those around him, more prone to trying to spread enlightenment than eradication. Unfortunately, he doesn't remember his education, and as such, is reduced to brandishing newspapers at those around him.

ZombieLUE.jpg Life, the Universe, and Everything
Pantherapardus is a member of LUE.

2. Max Weinberg

Malton was slated to host a special taping of Late Night with Conan O'Brien. As the leader of the show's band, the Max Weinberg Seven, Mr. Weinberg travelled to the city, only to find that soon after his arrival, something not entirely unlike an apocalypse happened and suddenly there were zombies everywhere. After narrowly escaping an attack by ferals, in which he was forced to throw a drum at a particularly persistent zombie, he began travelling the town, trying to find the other members of his band and lending his aid to those he meets along the way. Max Weinberg is currently a member of the group Bastion High.

3. Dr Wildebert

Talk about bad luck. He was just walking down the street one day, minding his own business, when suddenly there was a terrorist attack on the nearby school. Armed with nothing but his wits and courage, he charged the dastardly terrorists and defeated them. He was about to cure cancer and end poverty, but then the world ended and zombies were everywhere. The above info is mostly false. He wasn't walking down the street, he was sitting on a bench. He wasn't minding his own business, he was trying to flirt with a woman [who wasn't remotely interested]. There was no terrorist attack, unless a kid throwing mashed potatoes can be considered a terrorist. It IS true that he was armed with only his wits and courage; however, that is the same as saying he was unarmed. He certainly wouldn't have solved any major world problems. Given that he was researching chemical weapons, is an unstable lunatic, and frequently stole from his work, it's more likely he would have caused some. Zombies were everywhere though.

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