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My Ingame Characters

Starting Occupation: Military
Group Membership: Dunell Hills Police Department
Goals: Kick Zed, take names.
Username: Paradox244
More details: Urban Dead profile


Basic Info

Arrived in the City: May 17, 2006
Badge Number: 4004
Current Status: Alive
Current Weapons: Shotgun, Pistol, Axe
Current Location: Dunell Hills


A sixth generation resident of Malton (or so he claims), Para's family has lived in Dunell Hills for years. At least that's what he says. It doesn't help that nobody ever saw him before the outbreak. Whatever his past, Para is dedicated to ridding Malton, and in particular Dunell Hills, of the massive hoards of the undead.

Beginning his carrier in Dunell Hills, Paradox soon came across one of Malton’s most prominent survivor groups, the Dunell Hills Police Department. He joined the group immediately. Paradox journeyed to Peddlesden Village in search of a safehouse. He found one and decided to stay in the Swinnerteon Precinct. He spent most of his time commuting between the safer Swinnerton and the more dangerous parts of Dunnell Hills. Unfortunatly he was killed in the SSPD by a rogue zed. Traveling to Yea he recieved a revive and returned home. He promptly found himself dead again. We think the Zeds are getting scared, seeing as how they continue killing him. At least, we hope that that's why they're killing him. We also like to refer to ourselves in the third person, and sometimes in plurl. It makes us sound important. He (Me) (Paradox, that is) finally got revived again. He then got killed again, several times more. Finally he got revived and leveled up some more. Satisfied with his skill, Paradox headed to Caiger and restocked. He then headed to the Hills, determined to reclaim his home. He has recently been appointed head of HR and Recruitment, and joined Dixie Squad.


Paradox is currently fighting for his life, along with a few other members of the DHPD, to secure Dunell Hills. Against all the odds they will prevail, because they are the DHPD. And the DHPD never gives up. Long term he plans to finish securing the Hills. And Drink Beer. And maybe have some cookies too.


Starting Occupation: Zombie
Group Membership: RRF
Goals: Eat Brainz!
Username: Paradox244
More details: Urban Dead profile


One day there was a man. Just a simple little man. His name is not important. He spent his days doing those tedious things that harmanz tend to do. He was lonely. Over time his boring, harman life caused him to get quite depressed, so he would occasionally partake of that sweet necter of the gods, beer.

One day he was at his favorite bar, when an odd women shambled in. She was not like the others, no, because most women ate things such as salad, cheeseburgers, fruit, pizza and the like. But this women was different. She ate human flesh. And so the attacked the good patrons of the bar and devoured their sweet, sweet brainz, for she was a zombie.

The man ran far away, but soon found that many people had discarded the useless trappings of harman life to embrace the spirit of Barhah and the zombie way of life. These brave souls had dedicated their lives to harman eating, 'cade busting, singing, shambling, and square dancing.

But, the man was scared. He was not yet a zombie. He foolishly clung the the pityful lifestyle of the survivor, barricading, shooting, healing, and the like. This was all very stressful, and soon the man found himself drinking more than ever. His sole reason to live was found at the bottom of a bottle, his only respite from the hideous tedium of the survivor life was in sweet, sweet beer.

One day, when he was trying to find some shotgun shells, he found that his barricades had been torn down. Soon a zombie opened the door and decided to give the man a bite of greeting. Scared, the man fled, but was soon overtaken by the infections bite. He arose as a zombie.

But the man found that life as a zombie was not that bad. Soon stumbling upon the RRF, he soon adjusted to a life of brain eating and square dancing. He had little stress, and was happy. But still he thirsted for sweet beer. So now the zombie lurches from bar to bar, z!ngng drunkenly and occasionally taking a nibble of brainz from a passing survivor. Thus is the life of Eaterofbrains244 and the Drunken Dead.


Eat brainz!


Starting Occupation: Civilan
Group Membership: C4NT
Goals: Join Ron Burgundy in Glorious Battle!
Username: Paradox244
More details: Urban Dead profile


Before the outbreak Bob was but a lonely cameraman. But with the Tragic Demise of much of the Channel 4 News Team, Bob found himself thrust into the spotlight as an anchorman! Following the most bodacious Ron Burgundy, he found himself engaged in Glorious Battle for the fate of the city of Malton and the Channel 4 News Team itself!


Bob plans to level up and then join Ron in Glorious Battle!

Templates I have made

This is a link to the templates I have made.

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