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Projects and Groups

Project Mentor

  • Helped to create, and responsible for most of the formatting on, the {{MentorNewbie}} template
  • Was the first to mentor a newbie
  • Have mentored one newbie


  • General assistance for users (e.g., helping to follow voting guidelines, fixing broken suggestions, welcoming people to the wiki, pointing new users to helpful pages, etc).
  • Ongoing minor improvements to pages (e.g., fixing typos and grammar; fixing and improving page styles; fixing XHTML/HTML/wiki command problems, etc).
  • Numerous vandalism reverts and reports to Vandal Banning.
  • Many pages reported to Speedy Deletions.

Pages Created

Images uploaded

  • This will be added soon

Templates created

  • This will be added soon


  • This will be added soon

Policy Discussions proposed

  • This will be added soon

Democratic process/conflict resolution

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