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Parson Johanas

Parson Johanas is a caucasian of average height & weight. His long hair and pircing eyes are the only notable features ever seen by those who are not members of The Ecclesiarchy Militant. He favors the pistol as his 'Weapon Of Choice'. He looks much similar to other survivors, except for the burning light of his fanatical faith in the Immortal Emperor. The Parson acts as Pontifex Urba for Maltons Notrh West quarter.

For a time the Parson issued a Daily broadcast under the title The Emperors Word.

The parson's long seclusion is come to an end, soon the unrightous will feel his wrath once more.

Finding his company disbanded at the end of his seclusion the Parson has joined with the Knights of St. Jude and abandoned his Imperial affiliates, as they abandoned him.