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Pathetic Bill

Redskull.jpg Violence is quicker
Both diplomacy and violence solve problems. But violence is quicker.
This user or group is associated with The PKer Alliance

Fascism.gif Fascists
This user or group hates fascists and will do everything in their power to feed them to the zombies.
Nationalism masthead2.jpg Nationalism Must Die
This User or Group despises nationalists, and vehemently opposes nationalism.

Pk Day - Radio

   *  26.66 MHz: "Happy Pk-day Everyone!!!" 
   * 26.66 MHz: "This my day.. This is PK-DAY!" 
   * 26.66 MHz: "A Blubbering Do-Gooder says *where did all the zeds go?*" 
   * 26.66 MHz: "EZC says *too many fucking goody-goodies like you*" 
   * 26.66 MHz: "EZC says *turned them into PKers!*" 
   * 26.66 MHz: "Hooray! PK Day is here!" 
   * 26.66 MHz: "Tuco Ramirez has been ASSed" 
   * 26.66 MHz: "CodenameDirtbag has been ASSed" 
   * 26.66 MHz: "This is Stickling Mall. We are over run here. Do not enter" 
   * A flare was fired 9 blocks to the east and 7 blocks to the north. 
   * 26.66 MHz: "Simeon Carter and his friends are PKers" 
   * 26.66 MHz: "Warning! George W Bush and his friends are massive PKers!" 
   * 26.66 MHz: "Bob Hammero and n0 0ne terminated by Toast Boy go CDF!!!!!!!" 
   * 26.66 MHz: "Rasher and Rueful killed by Amazing in one fell swoop." 
   * A flare was fired 6 blocks to the east and 5 blocks to the south. 
   * 26.66 MHz: "Orly? N0 0ne is fine and dandy Choad Boy!" 
   * 26.66 MHz: "Jadkor is a PKer, Kill on sight" 
   * 26.66 MHz: "Pete Marsh, if you here this....I will find you and kill you" 
   * 26.66 MHz: "National PKer Day tomorrow.....6/6/06" 
   * 26.66 MHz: "n0 0ne was revived, killed again by Roscoe with Jimbo Bob!" 
   * 27.70 MHz: "Sly Place getting pounded! RuddleRadio - Crono" 
   * 26.66 MHz: "Giddings NE Corner needs cades!" 
   * 26.66 MHz: "Looking for allen keys, please reply on 2735 and 2666-ANTIPK" 
   * 26.66 MHz: "Hmm, smells like I have to convert to a zombie again..." 
   * 26.66 MHz: "Happy pk-day! The devil's out to play, sore losers!" 
   * 26.66 MHz: "We're at the church, Quarlesbank. Come and get us, loser!" 
   * A flare was fired 14 blocks to the east and 12 blocks to the south. 
   * 26.66 MHz: "Brooke Hills Requests Urget Assistance."  ...and again. 
   * 26.66 MHz: "Liam Iwers is a dickhead!" 
   * 26.66 MHz: "Let me know if you agree Liam is a Dickhead!" 
   * 26.66 MHz: "Liam switched my PSU from 230V to 110V, he laughed when it b" 
   * 26.66 MHz: "Hello PKers all over the world, how are you doing?" 
   * Game News: Significant new game features have been added since your last move. Read Game News 
   * 26.66 MHz: "Hello East Becktown!" 
   * 26.66 MHz: "Kamwo Mawar dead" 
   * 26.66 MHz: "If you are gonna report a PK, ad evicence !" 
   * 26.66 MHz: "Allen Key is PK.. screenshot to prove it" 
   * 26.66 MHz: "Condrakaaaaa...I'm coming for you" 
   * 27.70 MHz: "The Eagle has landed!" 
   * 26.66 MHz: "Jadkor is a PKer, Kill on sight" 
   * 26.66 MHz: "616 is the real number of the beast, you're late." 
   * 26.66 MHz: "Not late, just 10 days or 10 years early. Dont care really.."