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To Serve and to Protect

This was my motto for a year and a half. Now, I'm living more on my own. You can still contact me (via pm) at Brainstock or wherever we meet.

Looking for a group? I recommend you to join right now!

More about me

Starting the game in June '07, I wandered around Pennville and the suburbs north of it, always eager to learn more about this game. My main source of information was the wiki, but I had a close look at other peoples group tags and at tags sprayed on walls too.

After some positive impressions from the DEM, I joined them in August '07 and went to training in the Academy despite my high level (>20). This was when I learned the more advanced aspects about the game. I was under good guidance in Roftwood, where the (always mobile) campus was mainly located at that time.

After graduation I began a much more self-dependent service, mainly in SE-2, esp. Stanbury Village. My current area of operations was decided by higher ranking officers, but details of the work were up to me. This time included visits to nearly all suburbs in SE and even a temporary service in SW-3. My Teams were never MPD-only, but always included members of several DEM branches.

On July 4th I was promoted to Chief Inspector, suddenly being responsible for the whole SE-2 MPD. For you, probably no DEM member, this means that I would like to make contact with your group. I have direct contact to higher-ups and can personally help you with anything concerning Stanbury Village, Roftwood, Edgecombe, Shackleville and Tollyton.

On the 7th of February in 2009, after several weeks of inactivity (on the forums), I decided to leave the DEM.


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