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Penny Painkiller
Joined: 2006-04-19 19:08:10
Character class: Scientist
Favorite equipment: FAK
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Active
Character group: FANNY
Character stats: no stats
Journal: Journal for Penny Painkiller

Character description:
Penny Cooper got her nickname Painkiller while working at the Trauma Ward at St Soter's Hospital. She wears a tattered nurse's uniform and has her reddish hair in a ponytail. She is usually seen carrying a tote bag stuffed with medical supplies and Revivification Syringes. In cold weather she uses an EMT GoreTex jacket in bright yellow DayGlo material. She wears a police utility belt with a pistol in a hip holster and a fire axe in the flashlight holder, and carries a sawn-off shotgun hanging over her shoulder.

This is a radio transcript of a transmission that was picked up by a surveillance team, that seems to give some background to her activities:

(transmission begins)

Hello? Any listeners on this channel? This is nurse Penny Cooper speaking, I found this radio in a broken- down EMT car and I hope it still works.


Until recently I was working at S:t Soter’s hospital in Buttonville, in the trauma ward, but when the barricades fell one last time I left, and now I am hiding in (static). When the outbreak first came, all personnel was called in to help, but it was never enough. More wounded kept pouring in, until every bed was full, and people were bleeding to death in the corridors… and then the dead in the morgue woke up.


We finally had to barricade the doors to the morgue, and just dumped all the dead bodies out through a second- story window onto the street, wrapped in garbage bags. Wounded survivors were able to come in through makeshift bridges between the hospital and adjacent buildings. The dead were constantly tearing at the barricades, and when I realized I had spent nearly nine months inside without stepping outside even once, I began to think we would never make it. And then, one night, they came…


I was attacked a few days ago, and seem to have lost all memory of the days after that. I woke up today in a pile of corpses, and I’m beginning to think I was actually killed and revived. Good god…


It seems as if all the hospitals in this area have been overbarricaded, so I am running low on First Aid Kits. I have seen other survivors climb over barricades and move between houses that way, but I haven’t got the hang of it myself yet.


Is there anyone else in (static) picking up this signal?


This is Nurse Penny Cooper, signing off.

(transmission ends)

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