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The Scourge is a zombie horde that started on the NecroConnect forums, when two survivors decided they were tired of Malton being ruled mostly by survivors.
As a response, Baraga and Rotting Rita joined forces and began opening TRPs and safehouses in North Blythville to feral zombies in the area.
Soon joined by several other zombies who roam the NC forums, the suburb soon went from a safe place to a combat zone with survivors trying to defend or reclaim buildings shortly after they were lost.
In the first week alone, 11 different buildings were ruined, mostly during organized strikes, something the local defenders had no defence against.
We have since visited several suburbs and continue to open buildings to the public with an evergrowing group of shamblers.
The Scourge is an open horde, which means all undead are welcome to join.

Path of The Scourge

The Scourge started its infamous career in North Blythville in June 2016. They breached the barricades of the Hebditch Building, the only NecroTech facility in the suburb, allowing feral zombies inside. Afterwards, they invaded and ruined Julie General Hospital and made the general vicinity of the Hebditch Building unsafe, killing several survivors and ruining most of the TRPs in the center of North Blythville.

With nearly a quarter of the suburb ruined, we moved on to greener pastures and our first Mall in South Blythville. The destruction of Marven Mall took longer than expected, due to the agressive tactics and persistent defence of local survivors. Kudos!
Our fun was interupted by several suspected zerglings among the zombies there, which prompted us to leave sooner than expected. We're undead abominations out to kill every living thing in Malton, but that doesn't mean we can't be civilized about it...

Our next stop brought us to the churches of Greentown, which we found mostly empty. Apparently a decade of zombie apocalypse has made the Maltonites renounce their faith...
A pleasant visit to Dartside was up next, and we had lots of fun with the people from Tikhon Medical who truly tried their hardest to get eaten by us at least twice a day!

So far, we have destroyed 44/5,714 unique buildings of Malton, which translates to about 00,77% of the city.

Group Details

Founded June 2016
Group numbers ~20+
Leadership Rotting Rita
Goals Organize real time strikes to open safehouses and TRP's to all the zombies of Malton.
Recruitment policy Add The Scourge to your profile and join in on the fun. See us on Discord for our current location.
Group contact The Scourge is based on Discord for all who want to join, or allies (or enemies) who wish to contact us.
Strike Details We currently use Discord to co-ordinate all strikes. Click here to join.

Group Structure

We have no real leadership, although every real time strike is lead by a member of The Scourge, to ensure we can break open cans of harman as efficiently as possible.
Anyone who wants to join The Scourge only has to add "The Scourge" as his/her group name on his UD profile and register on NecroConnect:
NecroConnect is also the place to go for all those who want to know where the horde currently is and which buildings are open for "business". It is worth noting that business here means "horrible mauling and desecration of vital body parts".

Noteworthy Locations

The Scourge ruined Marven Mall
(July 7, 2016)
The Scourge ruined Tikhon Medical
(Tikhon East,
July 21, 2016)

Visited Suburbs

SuburbTotal # of BuildingsUnique RuinsTotal Ruins%List
North Blythville64151924%Click
South Blythville527813,5%Click


The Scourge has very little strict rules, as they believe the undead lifestyle in Malton is defined by absolute freedom. Mostly the freedom to eat what- and whoever they want. The few rules we have in place are:

  • No spying. The Scourge is a zombie horde, there simply is no real place for harmanz. Metagame spying is considered to be outright cheating and a bit lame.
  • No zerging. We encourage all zombies to centralize their split personalities into one undead abomination.
  • Be polite. No text raping, no childish insults. We're dead, but we're still civilized.
  • Have fun.

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