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Major Contributions

This page contains an oversight of all the pages I have created or otherwise heavily influenced. I commit to keeping an eye on these pages, preventing or reverting vandalism and keeping the information on it updated.

If any information I add is incorrect or otherwise contested, feel free to post on my discussion page and I'll get back to you asap!

PB&J 21:29, 19 November 2012 (UTC)


Location Type Suburb Image
Cross Auto Repair Auto Repair East Becktown X
The Edson Building Building Lukinswood X
The Bayford Building Building Molebank
Tasker Park Park Molebank X
Tidball Library Library Molebank X
Burrell Way Police Department PD Molebank
Seear Auto Repair Auto Repair Molebank
the Kerle Arms Bar Peppardville
Giddings Mall Mall Pitneybank
Gibbins Towers Tower West Becktown
Palprey Road Police Department PD Dakerstown X
Emerson Plaza Police Department PD Dakerstown
Stobbart Walk Police Department PD Dakerstown
The Emberson Building Building Dakerstown
Ivyleafe Row Police Department PD West Boundwood
Dowell Library Library West Boundwood
The Reade Hotel Hotel Dentonside
Abarough Park Park Galbraith Hills X
Abney Boulevard Road Grigg Heights
Ackerman Towers Tower Lukinswood
Ackermen Way Road Whittenside
Adolphy Drive Road Hollomstown
Adams Lane Road Reganbank
Akehurst Walk Road Penny Heights
Acott Crescent Square Pescodside
Acourt Library Library Ridleybank
Adam Plaza Square Grigg Heights
Adams Square Square Richmond Hills
Adler Crescent Square Shuttlebank
Alaway Row Road Judgewood
Alderson Street Road Dakerstown
Alderson Walk Road Dartside
Alderson Walk Road Edgecombe X
Aldhous Drive Road Pegton X
Aldworth Walk Road Brooksville
Adey Plaza Fire Station Fire Station Havercroft
Adlam Cinema Cinema Lamport Hills
Adlam Towers Tower Scarletwood
The Classey Monument Monument Lamport Hills
Blockwood Auto Repair (Molebank) Auto Repair Molebank



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