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This page is a work in progress. Please refrain from editing it. If you would like to discuss the policy or make suggestions on its improvement, please do so on the talk page. Thanks. --Pestolence(talk) 02:48, 16 January 2009 (UTC)

Attempting to work out a policy that will address the problem of sysops being "out of touch", so to speak, with the current wiki community. For example, Boxy has been a sysop since January of 2007, a whole two years ago. Looking through his archived promotions bid here, I recognized less than half of the names that vouched for him, many of whom appear to have been inactive for months. Likewise for Karek, Nubis (since 2006), even Krazy Monkey.

I'm not saying that these sysops are negligent or poor administrators in any way. However, for there to be faith in any administration team, the current community must trust them, not the community of years ago. As such, I am drafting this policy to address the problem that exists in the Urban Dead wiki.


  • Sysops will undergo peer review every six months. This will be conducted in a matter similar to current promotion bids; i.e., sysops will have the opportunity to make a statement summarizing why they should remain a sysop. The community will then give input (vouch, abstain or against, as promotions are now), and the current bureaucrat will then make the decision to demote the user if it appears that the will of the community is against him remaining a sysop, or to retain him in his current position.
  • The six month period will begin counting down after a new sysop is promoted. (Example: Sysop is promoted on January 1, peer review will begin June 1).
  • Peer review will remain open for 2 weeks, like current promotions.
  • A demoted sysop may reapply for sysop status immediately, if he so wishes.

Under Construction

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