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This is a private project to help give the Millen Hills location pages a bit of backstory. Struck out locations on the map have already been finished.

This project has no real structure; I'll edit a few whenever I'm feeling creative. If anyone else wants to help out, that's great, just strike the location on the map below when you're done.

Suburb Map

The Malton Suburb of Millen Hills
Ames Row Helliar Alley Elkins Plaza Railway Station the Harris Museum St. Dionysius's Hospital a factory the Odingsells Building Bide Bank Dawes Street the Lazenbury Building
Vauden Road a factory the Bumbrough Building a factory Powlett Road Police Department the Rowe Building Hoby Walk Faulkner Way the Stoward Monument
Pinchen Road Police Department
a factory a junkyard Nestle Way Vines Place Ridyard Plaza
the Talbott Arms the Mewburn Arms Chicke Walk Cavendish Bank Prigg Alley
the Combs Building Empson Lane Walmsley Lane Club Groom the Holborn Monument the Saint Building Club Spirod the Leggatt Hotel Grenville Street Carse Street
a cemetery a factory a factory a warehouse the Markes Hotel Restrick Auto Repair the Prangnell Building the Arch Building a carpark Sanderson Plaza
a junkyard wasteland Mallows Walk Harford Avenue Retallick Walk Police Department Burman Street the Jeffrey Building Doe Avenue Police Department the Prankerd Building Baggs Cinema
wasteland Club Hinge Winsloe Towers Ferrington Way School Hector Square Smith Towers Barford Way St. William's Church Horner Way wasteland
Alaway Place Noonan Avenue Cole Avenue Henslowe Park Tatchell Way the Muller Building Hind Grove Urben Towers Puckard Park the Henning Arms
a warehouse Digby Towers Bodd Library Southerwood Square Garnsey Cinema Donnan Drive
Bayley Lane Wilks Road Ingham Avenue Poulet Grove
Pester Way Berners Square Phillipps Row the Hitchcock Building the Hawksley Building Prouse Avenue School a carpark Voules Road the Teasdale Museum a carpark
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