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A survivor devoted to saving the lives of others and maintaining order on the streets of Malton. He formed a small band of zombie hunters in the hopes that they could one day restore peace to the embattled north east corner, they became Reds Roughnecks. His efforts include the operation of a warning post setup in Pashenton, a mobile healing service and a refugee accomodation centre.

Peter Red was present during the recent push by the Militant Order of Barhah across multiple suburbs, including his own beloved homeland of Pashenton. He ran from the ruins of his home and was forced into hiding in Gibsonton, and eventually Treweeke Mall, until he raised the forces to safely return to his headquarters at Blaxall Auto Repair. Here he runs a strategically vital listening post and a safehouse from the many zombies occupying Pashenton.


A firm believer in a unified Malton, Peter Red supports the DEM in their endeavours, going so far as to open his arms to wounded DEM members caught in Pashenton. His zombie hunting unit defend a small 3x3 block radius around the Woolven Building. This small area has become known to the members of the Roughnecks, or Rednecks as they are called, as Fort Roughneck. Whilst not claiming ownership of the area he delights in it's defence.

Revive Points

Lt Wood here, the only safe Revive Points I know of are in Santlerville, which will probably be next to suffer the brunt of the Bash. Cemetaries and Churches are a-plenty, but tend to attract RP-griefers. Check out the Santlerville wiki for street-based Revive Points and you'll probably be dealt with fairly quickly. I myself will be heading down there after headbutting a few zombie skulls. Lt Wood 09:18, 15 February 2008 (UTC)

In reply to your message, look for the singing zombie at Breddy Park ;)

Alliance with BOW

I a sort of unoffical leader with BOW and I was wondering if your stillup to that alliance you offered us so long ago? As to why the answer is coming bakc nearly a year later is simply because the group suffer a breakdown after our leaders/only adims on the forum borad quit and the Cult of the Fallen God started pking us. But were trying to restart the group now! :) Any allys would be great!

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