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I joined UrbanDead on 2 August 2007. My name IRL is Pat Gunn.

On strategy

Collected thoughts/impressions:

On voting

I don't worry too much about nerfing survivours or zombies - in the suggestions area I primarily vote on changes by how well they fit 3 criteria:

  1. Being theme-appropriate - Does the suggestion feel out of place for a game based on zombie movies?
    1. Is it realistic? Zombies are fantasy creatures, but Romero-style zombie films don't place them in a world otherwise much unlike ours. There are some films (like the "Evil Dead" trilogy) that place them in a far more fantastic environment, but I'd like to keep the game much closer to gritty reality.
    2. Does it inspire the feeling that the humans, even those who are heroic, are not amazingly so? Zombie movies may sample the "ordinary person" pool fairly widely, but they don't have James Bond or Batman (again, "Evil Dead" may be an exception, but that's the wrong kind of zombie film). Note that because of this, I strongly want to see more class diffrentiation - if you start out in class X, you should not eventually be awesome at everything.
  2. Is it fun/interesting?
  3. Is it too complex?
    • Keep in mind that this is a simple HTML-based game

I wish people wern't so quick to vote "Spam/dupe" - the first is too often used to mean "I strongly disagree and am being a jerk about it", while the second is counterproductive when overused - the point of marking things as a dupe is to prevent the same suggestion from showing up every week. However, no decisions of these sort should be final - voting dupe should not be used to prevent reopening of old issues (provided enough time has passed that things might reasonably go the other way). Likewise, a number of the "don't suggest this type of thing" guidelines are stupid.

Game balance tends to shift around to new stable points eventually anyhow, and new suggestions later on can adjust things if the game starts to become less interesting due to population swings.

Yar! A liar ye be! Lest ye walk the plank and redeem your honor. Yar-har. A sailor's life 4 me. Long live the Pirats! Death to the Ninja Dogs! Yar.. (you misspelled: "diffrentiation") "Yar Har! Off the Plank with Thee!!--Airborne88Zzz1.JPGT|Z.Quiz|PSS 07:33, 28 March 2008 (UTC)


My email is (and I get enough spam IRL that I don't mind listing it here)

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