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Alger Gray - Thin, average height. He has gunmetal glasses on over his werewolf mask and spiked light brown hair. He's carrying a backpack containing his books and research papers, among other things. Two shotguns and four pistols are strapped on over his jacket.

Has a rather somber personality, but is prone to occasional bursts of joviality. He possesses a sharp wit, enjoying subtle insults, innuendoes, and double entendres. His favorite pastimes are reading, shooting things, and causing irreparable damage to his liver via ethanol (ie, drinking.)

Alger went to college in Seattle, where he got a Ph.D in Herpetology. A few years later, he was hired by NecroTech, whose executives were interested in his work with snake venom. Under their employ, he was able to derive a powerful decoagulant from the venom of the African Twig Snake. Designed to reverse the post-mortem blood clotting that afflicts the undead, it is now one of the components of the revivification serum.

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War Grizzly - An 800-pound North American brown bear equipped with full-body armor and a semi-enclosed helmet. 'Fort Creedy Experimental Division' is stenciled on the shoulder plates. A cord strung with human incisors loops around his neck.

Born in the Malton Zoo, he was later moved by military scientists to a classified laboratory beneath the training grounds of Fort Creedy. There, he was inducted into Project RedClaw, an initiative whose goal was to turn bears into elite shock troops. Four months after his training was completed, he was sent to aid the soldiers deployed in Vinetown who guarded Gelasius General Hospital against the newly risen undead. Due to a logistical error, they were left behind during the evacuation of Malton. Most of the troops left to make their own way after supplies ran out, and the War Grizzly was no exception. He eventually fell in with the local gangster clan, MDK, because they gave him porkchops.

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Raimo Saikkonen - A tall, 46-year-old man with grey-streaked brown hair and a heavily lined but vaguely handsome face. He speaks with a slight Finnish accent and has a hard look to him.

Born and raised in Helsinki, Raimo was conscripted for nation service at age 18 like most Finnish males. He pursued a career in the army after his stint was up and was assigned to the Northern Command Sissi Company (ski troops). He eventually decided to retire and was honorably discharged after 24 years of military service. Wanting to see the world, he traveled throughout Europe and had the misfortune of being in Malton at the start of the uprising.


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