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Welcome to Pillsy's contributions to the wiki. I've been active on the wiki since about March but I'd say it took about a month or 2 before I become confident enough to edit anywhere except my groups page. Take a look below for the kind of work I've done.

Typewriter.jpg Edits to Date
This user has made approximately approx. 1900 edits as of 9th December.

Operation:Revive Point

I am currently in the process and nearing the end of the redesign of the Revivification Point page. The old page looked bland, was out dated and needed a revame to make it easier to update and manage for the poor fool who was willing to take it on. Well after toying with the idea I finally kicked myself into gear and created the redesign page. This page just basically outlined my ideas and how I was going to change it, most of the text would remain, I mean if it ain't broke don't fix it, but the list was to undergo a major revamp.

I made a couple attempts, spending long hours at both work and home trying to get change the list so it is managable, easy to use and also easy to find a revive point in your area. Several pages were created and deleted, here is a list of pages that now remain.

Alot of people had some direct or indirect input into this redesign. These people and their ideas are listed below: -

Ablesentinel who stated he he was going to make some changes like updating the revive points and that is what inspired me to create this page to suggest some changes. Also for correcting my sometimes terrible spelling.

ERNesbitt of MalTel for originally creating the style of templates that I based the new update system on. Originally I copied the idea and although now not using, some of the ideas still remain.

Gilant of the DEM for some fantastic suggestions. He also created List of Revivification Points which was an original attempt to redesign the page and where the list will remain while in development and be remain once finished.

Daranz - For suggesting that the co-ords are the link to the DEM revive tool which is a fantastic idea. Also created the new template idea so it is easier to add and remove revive points.

Max Grivas - For helping with the re-design of the re-design and giving good ideas and also helping to write up the how to's.

My biggest thanks go out to these guys for their help during this project, I really appreciate it. This project was originally start on 16th October 2006 and it was finally complete around the 5th Feb when Gilant migrated it to the new list. It was a long road but a team effort well completed.

Operation:Suburb Pages

I believe the suburb pages so all look similar so when people are browsing them it is easy to find the information that you want from it. When looking at some of them one day I realized this was not the case so I have taken it upon myself do so. This involves adding the resource template to all the pages, creating a news archive for older news and it rare cases adding the map at the foot of the page.

Recently Max Grivas started a project which is basically what I'm doing so I have signed on. Here it is - UDWiki:Suburb Style Guide

Suburb News

For the suburb news, sometimes pages had no news at all and other pages were cluttered with events going back to to September/October 2005. To make the pages more readable I created a news archive like the one that was already on the Darvall Heights page. One of the first ones I completed was the Chudleyton/News Archive and this allowed the Chudleyton page to look alot cleaner.

Bear in mind that there are 100 suburbs, one already had the format so that left 99 and so far I have completed 37.

Progress Report

Suburbs Completed - 1 to 22 & 24 to 45

Suburbs to go - 46-100

Suburbs already with this format - 23

Suburb Maps

Well while going about my above task I came across the suburb page for Earletown which did not have the suburb map at the foot of the page. I spent a while creating this to ensure it maches all other pages and if I happen to stumble across any others then I will note them here.

Progress Report

Completed - Earletown

Suburb Resources

As mentioned earlier some of the pages did not have the resource template to show people what resources are in the area. I am also adding these onto the relevant pages when needed.

Progress Report


To Do

Group Pages

Upper Left Corner

The first group I joined in UD and I have been with them ever since. I took it upon myself to clean up the wiki page once and ever since then I keep making adjustments, adding news and doing overall improvements to it. My character for this group is el pils.


Here are the polocies I have written regardless if they have been rejected, withdraw or approved. Current I have wrote one and it is under discussion.


I'm a part of UDWiki:Suburb_Style_Guide and I'm going to police the suburbs to try and keep them in line.

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