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Welcome to my character page for Special Agent Mulder. Since he is a PKer and gets up to alot of things that need to be recorded I thought it fitting that he has his own area.

Currently I am running the Red Rum Battle Royale so Mulder will be fairly inactive for a while. It's a tough job you know...

Rogues Gallery

PK Reports - 19
Total Bounty - 94
Total Claimed - 16
Current Bounty - 78

How does that one work eh?

Kill List

Welcome to my personal kill list, this is so I can keep a track of people I have killed during my travels across Malton. I try and adhere to a one kill per person but exceptions can be made, especially if that person is a bounty hunter. I will only number the first kill. Any Bounty Hunter who is on the Rouges Gallery for Bounty Hunters will be highlighted in Bold as I go for my Cop Killer award. They will only be in bold for the first time they were killed.

Name & Profile Kill Date
UD Hunter Hunter Kills
1 Riser Kill 13th September 2006
2 KStxGirl3 Kill 18th September 2006
3 Owan Glimmerfeld Kill 21st September 2006
4 yankstar Kill 23rd September 2006
5 PHADE to black Kill 27th September 2006
6 JuIes WinnfieId Kill 28th September 2006
7 Kinrath Kill 5th October 2006
8 Michael Callahan Kill 7th October 2006
9 LuellaStrong Kill 7th October 2006
10 Keichix Kill 9th October 2006
11 Calliope Grieve Kill 13th October 2006
12 DeusExMathias Kill 14th October 2006
13 Jack Telan Kill 24th October 2006
14 juaramos Kill 27th October 2006
15 blaze bayley Kill 29th October 2006
16 Harvey Carlson Kill 30th October 2006
17 Desert Byproduct Kill 4th November 2006
18 Francesco Totti Kill 12th November 2006
19 Token Black Man Kill 15th November 2006
Red Rum Kills
20 Sgt Zoigberg Kill 27th November 2006
21 submittedconformity Kill 27th November 2006
22 Strong Corpse Kill 27th November 2006
23 Fat Chicken Kill 29th November 2006
24 Micro Neon Kill 29th November 2006
25 Wolf Blade Kill 29th November 2006
26 A guye Kill 29th November 2006
27 Rablenkov Kill 4th December 2006
28 Captain Creedy Kill 4th December 2006
29 Pineal Kill 4th December 2006
30 lukaszmacias Kill 5th December 2006
31 Lt Monahan Kill 8th December 2006
32 keough Not Available 10th December 2006
33 KatieS Not Available 10th December 2006
34 dyrak3 Kill 10th December 2006
35 Dead but now I live Kill 11th December 2006
36 div shenbeast Kill 12th December 2006
37 tututu Kill 20th December 2006
38 saviour5000 Kill 20th December 2006
39 Joe Armyschmo Kill 20th December 2006
40 Zazie Kill 20th December 2006
41 David Fletcher Kill 21st December 2006
= Jack Telan Kill 23rd December 2006
42 MisterFixIt Kill 24th December 2006
43 Sgt Napalm Kill 24th December 2006
44 Zarazar Kill 27th December 2006
45 Stupid Daikon Kill 28th December 2006
46 Captain Pasty Kill 9th January 2007
47 That Shambling Brain Kill 9th January 2007
48 James Alby Kill 1st February 2007
49 The Red Joey Kill 1st February 2007
50 FireMarshallBill187 Kill 1st February 2007
51 Tommy Rage Kill 1st February 2007
52 Pannetond Kill 2nd February 2007
= blaze bayley Kill 8th February 2007
53 superdork Kill 13th February 2007
54 ZimmyDM Kill 13th February 2007
55 cassias Kill 13th February 2007
56 Vi spiezzo in 2 Kill 13th February 2007
57 Tiberius Bao Kill 15th February 2007
58 Skull Hunter Kill 17th February 2007
59 Zombie Smurf Kill 21st February 2007
60 Dr Morgan Kill 21st February 2007
61 S Hadow Kill 23rd February 2007
62 Arthur Erikson Kill 1st March 2007
63 Crawla Kill 4th March 2007
64 Mr Estrogen Kill 15th March 2007
65 Cain Bass Kill 15th March 2007
66 ZS Revitech Kill 15th March 2007
67 Minifest5 Kill 15th March 2007
68 Aleck Roth Kill 15th March 2007
69 skeep Kill 16th March 2007
70 snapster Kill 17th March 2007
71 GarbleO Kill 17th March 2007
72 Raven Nyx Raynes Kill 24th March 2007
73 DaMarqueDeFunkybunch Kill 24th March 2007
74 Capt Jack Harkness Kill 26th March 2007
75 Billy K Kill 2nd April 2007
76 JefftheFireman Kill 5th April 2007
77 TillyFukUpFearie Kill 5th April 2007
78 JohnHart Kill 6th April 2007
79 Mag1985 Kill 6th April 2007
80 LeyendX Kill 7th April 2007
81 Reverend Vigilante Kill 9th April 2007
Birthday Kills
82 James Dunsmore Kill 10th April 2007
83 Etrin Kill 10th April 2007
84 Saproling Kill 10th April 2007
Back to Normal
85 jezter24 Kill 12th April 2007
86 Kal Palla Kill 12th April 2007
87 chimpoid Kill 15th April 2007
88 Salvatora Kill 15th April 2007
89 Bubba Johnsson Kill 16th April 2007
90 Dead Man's Turd Kill 16th April 2007
91 Clint Steele Kill 16th April 2007
92 Street Warrior long ago.... 20th April 2007
93 Halo's Light long ago.... 20th April 2007
94 MuKz long ago.... 20th April 2007
95 Ninety Proof long ago.... 26th April 2007
The Return
96 Freeman21 Kill 27thth June 2008
97 Roc Fever Kill 27thth June 2008


The awards I am talking about are the Player Killer Awards which are awarded by Red Rum. This will detial the awards I have obtained and the awards I am on my way to obtaining.


Double Threat

To obtain this award you need to be on both the Resensetized PKer list and the DEM Rouges Gallery. Double Threat Plaque

Kill On Sight

To obtain this award you need to be marked as Kill On Sight on the DEM Rouges Gallery. Kill On Sight Plaque


To obtain this award you need to have killed 4 people in a 24 hour period and it needs to be on one unedited screenshot. Sharpshooter Plaque

Obtained by killing the following: Screenshot

In Progress

Cop Killer

To obtain the Cop Killer award I need to kill 20 recognised bounty hunters, either from posts on Brainstock, Resenstized or on the Bounty Hunter Rouges Gallery. Recently took a step backwards as finding proof is a pain so I cannot include hunters that I can't find proof for.

100% Complete

Name & Profile Kill Proof
1 KStxGirl3 Kill Entry on Rouges Gallery
2 yankstar Kill Post on Brainstock
3 Kinrath Kill Entry on Rouges Gallery
4 Michael Callahan Kill Entry on Rouges Gallery
5 LuellaStrong Kill Entry on Rouges Gallery
6 Keichix Kill Post on Resensitized
7 juaramos Kill Entry on Rouges Gallery
8 blaze bayley Kill Entry on Rouges Gallery
9 Desert Byproduct Kill Entry on Rouges Gallery
10 Francesco Totti Kill Post on Brainstock
11 Token Black Man Kill Entry on Rouges Gallery
12 MisterFixIt Kill Entry on Rouges Gallery
13 cassias Kill Entry on Rouges Gallery
14 Skull Hunter Kill Entry on Rouges Gallery
15 S Hadow Kill Entry on Rouges Gallery
16 Arthur Erikson Kill Entry on Rouges Gallery
17 Crawla Kill Entry on Rouges Gallery
18 Raven Nyx Raynes Kill Entry on Rouges Gallery
19 DaMarqueDeFunkybunch Kill Entry on Rouges Gallery
20 Capt Jack Harkness Kill Entry on Rouges Gallery

Mall Rat

To obtain this award I need to kill one person in each of the malls in Malton.

45% Complete

Mall Victim Kill
Ackland Mall Crawla Kill
Bale Mall cassias Kill
Blesley Mall None Yet
Buckley Mall None Yet
Caiger Mall None Yet
Calvert Mall The Red Joey Kill
Dowdney Mall Lt Monahan Kill
Giddings Mall Rablenkov Kill
Hildebrand Mall None Yet
Joachim Mall tututu Kill
Lumber Mall Zarazar Kill
Marven Mall None Yet
Mitchem Mall None Yet
Nichols Mall None Yet
Pole Mall None Yet
Stickling Mall Skull Hunter Kill
Tompson Mall None Yet
Treweeke Mall Jack Telan Kill
Tynte Mall None Yet
Woodroffe Mall None Yet


To any lower lever characters. I try to kill people who are above level 5. If you have been killed by me then one of the following events has occured...

  • You have been very low on HP.
  • It has been during a strike, during a strike I don't check profiles.
  • You have a retarded name and/or profile.

Sorry for any inconvenience and chin up, as long as you don't become a bounty hunter I'll probably not kill you again.


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