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Joined: 2007-11-15 21:24:42
Character class: Military
Favorite equipment: Shotgun
Character profile: 1056636
Current status: Alive

Firingsquad.jpg Firing Squad
Ememys will be executed!!!.

Barrelgun.jpg What are you looking at?
Stop looking at my gun.


Third in command of The Deus Ex Machina, observes all human weapons with intrest in primative weaponary. Facinated that projectile weapons are still used. Tall and ominous, watches everything.

Sawed-off-Boomstick.jpg Shotgun Junkie
PiratePT is a shotgun Junkie.


During the travel the weapons were destroyed leaving us unarmed, But luckily we were able to gather primitive weaponry, stockpiling on pistols that use a 6 shot ammo clip, and combat shotguns with a ammo capacity of 2 solid slugs. Until we can contact Gammora we will have to use these.

Happyhour.jpg Happy Hour
PiratePT supports 24 happy hours in Malton
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