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It's me! She of the snarky micro-tee and brunette sarcasm. As a member of the Kempsterbank Neighbourhood Watch, I do my poor best to fight the forces of barhah in the beloved suburb where I was born. More to come soon!

Pass Me a Note...

Have you got a beef with me? Fallen hopelessly in love with me? Got something else on your mind you want to share? Leave me a note here...

News from the Burb

  • December 3, 2007: I've been wandering a bit forlornly around Kempsterbank these past couple of days. The KNW seems to have withered up and blown away while I was sleeping. Should I remain a lone standard-bearer, or should I throw in my lot with our allies, the active and effective Knights Templar, among whom I have many friends and battle comrades?
  • November 28, 2007: Well, my extended beauty sleep doesn't seem to have helped me or Malton at all. I'm still battling the hellacious grooming challenge of living in Malton, and Malton is still battling zombies. It's good to be back.
  • April 28, 2007: I was alive for all of five minutes or so yesterday. JD very kindly revived me so that I could help with the take-back of Kempsterbank, but I unfortunately forgot to mention that I was infected before I died! (Actually, I'd been dead so long I forgot about it.) Upon standing up, I realized that I had used all my FAKs during the siege, and quickly tried to find one to heal myself at one of the 6 hospitals in the neighbourhood. I managed to heal myself, only to run out of AP before reaching a safe house. I landed in Whitenoll with my last AP, hoping that it was in good shape. It wasn't. I was dead inside of 20 minutes while I dozed the sleep of the nervous but exhausted. Now I'm waiting for a hero at Ebbutt Road with 40+ other zombies. Having so thoroughly mucked up my last shot at life, I daren't even shout out a revive request at the DEM or KNW boards...
  • April 23, 2007: Well, I'm dead again. Hardly surprising, given the serious levels of chaos in Kempsterbank at the moment. The horde cracked open Burdett Way PD last night and disturbed my beauty sleep by biting, infecting, and then, to add injury to insult, killing me dead (or undead, in fact). Who knows when my lovely chest will rise and fall with the breath of life again, since there's over 40 zeds at Ebbutt Road, and Jillard NT keeps getting smashed repeatedly.

Policies Supported

I'm sure I have a policy somewhere...

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