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Street Punk scientist Poodge or


I poodge usually focus on reviving zombies and healing survivors. Right now, I have only science skills, but eventually I plan to get some fighting skills to kill zombie zpies and pkers. I'm a scientist, who mostly is a support class, but I also enjoy tagging buildings and reading books.

Nerdydude is a firefighter who enjoys chopping down zombies. Has been revived once, and has even killed the infamous Lord Pitman.

Battle Librarian is a madman character. He was a scientist turned zombie. He roams looking for brains. Yup, not much else to say.


I am currently head of L.O.O.M. or Librarian Organization Of Malton. I am trying to find a cozy library for Loom. After finding a nice one next to a revive point and a necrotech building I found out it was occupied by a different group. So now I am looking for a library to call home.

Out of game

I'm just a dude who runs


Gaiaonline General Discussion Forums


Poodge - main account Punk Scientist (punk scientist? there's no such thing! Yes there is, and his name is Poodge)

Nerdydude- firefighter account accomplishments: Found and Killed the evil Lord Pitman

Battle Librarian- a death dealer. He fights when he's a human, and fights when he's a zombie. He has both zombie and human kills doesn't discriminate between human and zombie. I just found out thier is a term for this. Death cultist

Radiozilla- an abandoned account, was abandoned after I could not find a revive. besides 4 accounts was too many. Even 3 accounts is getting excesive. I occasionally use it when I'm at school.


After a long break, I'm back. It's nice to see that there's new mods. --Poodge 21:15, 23 April 2006 (BST)

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