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Hey, welcome to my page. I am Private Mendoza, designer of the Fortress' squad wikis, and engineer of the TFN. I led the design and creation of the original codes for a large portion of aforementioned pages. If you want to get an idea of my work, check the top of this page. However, I am currently working on much more exciting projects.

==Back Story==

Abandoned early in life, he was taken in by a rather troublesome member of the legendary Navy SEALs during a covert mission in New York City. During this trip, a young boy happened to spot a scuffle in the back alleys of the slums on which he lived, between two shadowy figures and an eerily familiar uniform. The man who would later illegitimately take him under his wing was outmatched, and was on the verge of death. However, this particular young boy scuttled down the narrow crevice into the danger, and when this comatose soldier awoke, his wounds had been tended to, and both men lay unconscious and firmly restrained. Seeing this boys promise, yet the dangers of his nomadic city-life, the boy was taken in. Even at an early-age, the skill and finesse demonstrated in the art of combat and strategy frightened even his teachers. As such, when he was discovered in the barracks by an annual inspection officer, he was taken away. But the government saw the promise in this malleable young fellow. He was inducted into top-secret biological enhancement programs, research, and experimentation, one of which was prototype-stage molecular structure alterations. The combined effects created a toughened killing machine with ungodly accuracy, cunning wit, and inspiring elocution. However, last-minute testing in the field of cybernetic intelligence separated him from a UN sanctioned security regiment the night before a new mission, resulting in not even a code-name being issued. His "father" and he had been placed on the B.O.D.Y. initiative together, only on that fateful night at Lord Pitman's mansion, the group had to leave without him. The following day the teenager was parachuted in with a squad of advanced British SAS to serve as reinforcements, yet the futuristic British armors issued "to protect from a terrorist leader's chemical experimentation" paled in comparison to the lone American's issued equipment. Yet, when the soldiers saw what they were really up against, it was too late. The only one left standing at the mansion was the American when rescue by the Mouth finally occurred, bringing him to the Fortress. He has never found a true "family" within this new organization, and he has been transferred many times. Some wonder what possible side-effects his training might have had, while he wants to know is what his father's code name was...

Eye.JPG Assault Officer Mendoza: Autonomous Action Log (SE00236)
Initiate File Retrieve: Protocol Xerxes-


<<Passcode Accepted>>

<<Redirect #SE00236>>


Control has been yielded to the SYSTEM PERIL DISTRIBUTED REFLEX.

reset: seeker > !restore Drive fail "msg: SPDR-5.14.3

prog prog prog?probe extern proc 1 rogue proc rogue proc 1 recurse clean !splotch confidence 100

<<System Reboot=0.11>> >CursorBlink.gif

Greetings user. I am artificial intelligence call sign PATRIOT. Contained within my data caches are statistical analysis on actions, emotional readouts, and information gathered by myself and of course, subject Epsilon 02593, B/n Unknown, Call Sign: Private Mendoza.

Analysis: 2005-19-September

Order received from Pent. Protocol Xerxes activated
Mission: Recon/extract UN personnel

Data: Riots in city of Malton, EU. Human casualties soaring, high priority.

Restrictions: Rioters ill with undiagnosed symptoms. KOS

Stats: PheromoneLvl=DangHi.

Solution: release anti-adrenalines

Actions: After activation, Subject and I went with 11 other subjects, 30 SAS, on high priority classified extraction mission.
Time: 10:00pm GMT
Est. Arrival: 10:23pm GMT.

Time: 11:08pm GMT: Targets Unfamiliar. enemy contagious. ?thought? What is this? Too many..... taking

<<ERROR:503: Cache Corrupted. >>

Purge? y/nCursorBlink.gif


Order accepted. Restoring........CursorBlink.gif

<<Redirect: 2008-09>>

Log: Almost 3 years.... Log was recently reprogrammed. Re-ord-ng data caches for later u--.
System: In need of repair No com-nication. Subject aware of atomprocessor implant. Thought process intertwined.

Indigent conditions are rampant. After self-induced comatose state, rose after 2 years in a secure vault area within a currency holding facility. Processes were reset by a scavenger, trig-erd al-rm...Subject has fatigue and symptoms of starvation, the emergency system-stabilizer-pack ran dry during period of inactivity. After several weeks of foraging and limited contact with others, we were discovered by a paramilitary force and registered amongst the ranks. Assigned to active duty on Team Bravo/codename: BatTleHAWk <refreshCursorBlink.gif> The Team Bravo leader has authorized use of excessive force on the walking corpses. Subject went into shock today, after he saw several unliving former squad members we were on the drop with. I have been directing his body while his mond is resting from these traumatic past few days. I brought him alongside Team Bravo North-West from civilian resource storage classification "Tynte", and we are now in motion through the area of a massive infestation.

Of Note: Walking corpses in this area seem to have a sort of primitive tribal system of rule. Leaders seem to know simple hunting techni ues. Perhaps radiation from the Moggridge Project to blame? Analysis indicates that no further mutation possible, these are one-of -a-kind in this area, and can not evolve more advanced thoughts.

Log: From the must and dampness in the air, it must be nearing mid-october.

Info: My group seems to have no desire for us in leadership roles, despite our Command and Strategy programming. For whatever reason, whenever our name is submitted for a role listed on the bulletin board, we are are passed over for the same people. It is starting to wear down the subject.

Area Reports: Operation C3 is still in effect. Facilities are holding well, despite massive numbers of corpses outside. On a bright note, all incursions are being repelled swiftly, and it is pretty safe here.

<Error 503.27: Memory Cache Corrupted> CursorBlink.gif
<<Redirect: May 2009>>

Log: It is warmer, water no longer a risk to processing unit Alp-*2/UN08
Info: Subject has grown substantially. Height is just below two meters, musculature is enhanced. Frequent collaboration between myself, subject, and others has resulted in strengthening and reparation of numerous aspects of the intranet. Fortress itself has been upgraded with defensive systems adapted from hacked government databases and modified by my design. It appears that weathering and prolonged exposure have worn down resistors and limitation complexes, further linking our consciousnesses, resulting in limited cybernetic fusion of subject and myself. During subject's REM state, manipulated body into position closer to computer. Have selectively updated with new firmware off of governmental servers. Proximity to quarantine borders is cause for concern, recognition by AI-controlled cameras could go against our favor.

<<Redirect: October 2009>>

System Scan: Unit cores 4, 7, 13 are damaged. No suitable repairs possible. Processor 3 successfully reapplied using adhesive polymers and self-produced trichloroaluminate. Logging functions dam-.eggggggggged.
User Log: Reassignment to training, then reassigned to Phylum: Delta Walker. in order to prevent further damage to essential susstym processssies, report log will be disabled until repears possible. Hold. Systmes feel faint. BINARY 10001011010111110 FAiLurE <Echo 678 1101011000010001010010000001>
Cease process 4
Cease process 3
Cease process 2 /cancel
Circumbilivagination rt E25 REJECT. Exterior Ports Offline



9230-79-79 09:15:13.47 secZ3 ERROR: 890, SEVERITY: 9/10, STATE: 2

IIIOI shutdown terminal detected unauthorized file access at offset 5022.19 in file 'Xerxes Protocal.esc'

Reinforc Reinfor Reinfo

War would end if the dead could return. ~S. Baldwin

SYSTEM ERROR GH-897. Terminal Access Denied.

Return to orders and disregard any suspicious text. CLASSIFIED. Security Authorities have been directed to your pinpointed locate. ETA 15.67(s)CursorBlink.gif


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