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In Character Information

Name: Prometheus Jones Occupation: Fire Fighter, Zombie Hunter, Height:' 5'10"


A long and lankey man, with a tangled mass of brown hair and perpetual three day stubble. His eyes have the dead stare that make him look much older then his years. The clothes he wears are a remenant of his life before the rise of the zombies and a warning to the darkness that they brought with them. The tattered remanants of his MFD issued protective gear forms the base of his ad-hoc body armor. It is reinforced with chains, metal studs and old tires salvaged from through out the ruined city of Malton. His trusty fire axe, with the name 'Excalibur' carved into the handle, is always within easy reach.

Memberships and Commendations

FireFighterBadge.gif Malton Fire Department
Prometheus Jones is a member of the MFD.

DEM Merits and Ribbons

Reconnissance Specialist Merit.jpgReconnissance Specialist Merit


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