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Personal Information

Name: Capt Prophet
Rank: Captain
Level: 41
Location: North Malton.

War Record

May 2006:
First entry into Malton. Operated in Rhodenbank and Dulston.

June 2006:
Prophet attended "Feral Fest '06" for the successful defense of Giddings Mall.

Now in command of FVZA. Liberation of Shearbank began.

July 2006:
Continued Operations in Shearbank. Took jurisdiction of the area with FVZA too aid the ramaining fighters after a DEM evac of the area.

August 2006:
Put Stickling Mall back into survivor hands. Moved onto operations in Quarlesbank.

September 2006
A 6 week operation in Quarlesbank secured the NTs and got the locals back on their feet to defend the suburb.

October 2006
Commanded "AG North" in the invasion of Ridleybank and helped secure the area for survivors.

December 2006
Led an assault with allied forces to bring back Caiger Mall after its fall to Shacknews.

January 2007
Currently on Operation in Pitneybank with the CDF securing target buildings.

March 2007
Led his squad in the defense of Giddings Mall against Mall Tour 07.

Led another assault against Mall Tour 07 at Hildebrand Mall.

May 2007
Deffended Dowdney Mall successfully against Ridleybank Resistance Front

August 2007
After many successful and extensive operations in Malton. Prophet ceased official FVZA activities. Some soldiers were air lifted back home to report the investigation but many have stayed in the city to help those they now call friends.

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