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This page is designated for the discussion of a possible agreement between Amazing and all other concerned parties on the wiki. The user reserves the right to put a strike through all flames, baiting and trollish remarks. Nothing but what the user puts is to be deleted. Suggestions for terms should be submitted to the talk page.


As per the conversation on the talk page of the petition to ban the user Amazing, said user has agreed to cease and desist all trolling, baiting and flaming actions provided that the exact same standards be applied to but not limited those he has taken arbitration cases against concerning his person. I have agreed to examine and report all such incidents that would apply to the above and submit them to two unbiased mods for their approval on the pain of banishment if any involved party find me flagrantly abusing such a position towards a bias of any concerned party. The abuse would be determined by aformentioned mods or a predominance of the evidence. I ask for the approval and the enforcement of the agreement should all concerned parties agree to the terms. --Prosperina 05:55 23 April 2006 (BST)


Terms of the agreement

Punishment for breaking terms

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