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Provost. At a mission briefing.


Served in 'Nam. Knows exactly how to track tears.

The Caring Man on the Inside

Provost used to be 2 men. Externally a tough gritty individual with a caring and peace loving man on the inside. When the outside man learned of this duality, he made his way to Tibet whilst on two weeks leave from his seventh tour of duty in the 'Nam. There he learned how to enter his inner self through meditation. Once on the inside, he tracked down his fluff lovin counterpart and asphyxiated the man using parts of his own spleen.

Stats and Skills


Civilian (Firefighter)




Legion of the Octopope


Civilian skills
Military skills
Science skills
  • Diagnosis - The HP values of nearby survivors are displayed next to their name. (Zombies can use this skill.)
Zombie Hunter skills
Zombie skills

In-Game History

(Latest to Oldest)

January 2007

31 January 2007

Recognising nobody in the hospital, I quickly gathered some supplies and made my way to the defacto headquarters of the OctoLegion.

(earlier in the day below)

As if I was in a dream yesterday and just woke up in a nightmare, I found myself keeled over lying behind a gravestone in a cemetery. I felt a rush of energy and when I looked up I realised I was surrounded by dead bodies and I could see a zombie in the distance. Noticing when a syringe had been injected into me, I decided I might find answers in a hospital and so I ran off in search of one.

30 January 2007

Caught outside the Police Station by a zombie, I've been taken out. Though I seem to gleen some consciousness now and then I can barely make a coherent thought

29 January 2007

After gathering plenty of medicines and first aid kits, I made my way down to the cinema. As per usual one of the heathen crossed my path. Said heathen has been reported to the "team" for "re-education"!

28 January 2007

Headed up to the hospital to gather supplies.

(earlier in the day below)

Woke up to the clamering around of a Zombie in the base. Saw Octopox was taking care of him so I rebarricaded the doors. Looks like that experience earlier is coming in handy.

27 January 2007

Came accross a zombie. Battered him and went to base to report his position so one of the younglings could finish the job (as part of their combat training)!

26 January 2007

Set up camp in the nearby hospital to pick up medical supplies.

(earlier in the day below)

Healed up Banana Face and noticed I have a knack for spotting if someone is hurt!

(earlier in the day below)

Dispatched a Zombie outside the base. Left another crippled so as one of the younger members could use it as a practice kill!

25 January 2007

Shockingly enough, I've built some barricades!

(earlier in the day below)

Heading out today I quickly found a Zombie heathen to bring to an end and dispatched him steadfastly. Yet another came along and I could see more in the distance. It occurred to me then that building barriers to hold out the Horde would be a good idea!

24 January 2007

Now with a taste for Zombie blood I went out and took the axe to another we battled long and hard . I left before the heathen was dead but I'll find him again.

23 January 2007

I went out on a mission to the local Police Dept to get some ammo and stock up but who was there but a Zombie. He was eye-balling me real bad so I took out my axe and chopped him down. Needless to say, he won't be eye-balling nobody for a while. With that taste for blood I gave up on the resupply mission and hacked at the next Zombie I could find. When the heathen didn't go down I decided to take off so I could get some rest. I'll be back to fight another day.

22 January 2007

It seems there might be zombie mob or mini horde about our (or the neighbouring) suburbs. Either way, there is a tension flowing through the headquarters.

(earlier in the day below)

I did some more combat training with Nuabreed. I seem to be getting the hang of it.

21 January 2007

Went back to the cinema where I did some combat training with Nuabreed.

(earlier in the day below)

Searching the hospital for medicines. Searching up, Searching down, Searching high and Searching low.

20 January 2007

Healed a member of the Legion and have struck out to the nearby hospital for medicines.

19 January 2007

Hearing a fight going on in the area, I recognised the attacking roars of my legion. I rushed up and found them holed up in a cinema where, with the aid of a kind stranger (Entelbar Hentingdinc), we defeated a Zombie threat!

(earlier in the day below)

After resting in the Museum, I set out through the city to the west driven on by the moans and groans all about me. After slipping past a zombie I found a police station only to have another one of the Heathen come at me from outta nowhere. I stuck'im with my axe but he was still comin. I pushed my way into the station and found a group of people who look like they're prepared for anything. Gonna rest up here and wait this one out till I regain my energy!

18 January 2007

Ran and Ran and Ran and Ran aimlessly. Barged through the door of a building. Looked up at the sign on top of the building and saw "Williamsville Museum".

17 January 2007

Wandering generally south-westerly, I found a newspaper filled with tales of the sickness and it's consequences. Screaming distracted my attention and I Saw a Zombie tear a man apart in the distance. There was nothing I could do to help and so I rushed off manically. The unOctogodly moans persisted though and so I ran. When I saw a fire station, I rushed up to the door and after talking to the people within I found refuge and a chance to rest.

Before Official Recording

Provost was Separated from the Legion during the Great Battle of the Car Park. He fell unconscious after being toppled from his Steed and has not been seen by a Member of the Legion since.

He woke up in a fire station in Dulston naked and ashamed knowing that the Legion had faced certain defeat at the hands of an UnOctogodly number of the zombie mass. Quickly though he was handed a axe and a uniform of the men at the station. Happy with his axe but burning inside to seek out any of the survivors of the Legion, he slipped out the fire station and went in search of familiar faces.

Wandering about aimlessly, provost came across a rambling old fool who spoke of being forsaken for his sins and debauchery. However in his stories came a glint of hope for provost and the man had heard of a courageous few bearing the banner of the Octopope to the South West. Drinking the last of the man's whiskey (in return for a blessing of the Legion), provost set off.

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