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Welcome To Fire Man Psylem's Page

First impression of Urban Dead: "This can't possibly be fun, every one's AFK, well there goes all my action points... yawn!"

So anyway, I came back for day 2 and managed to hack a zombie to death and thought well that's an achievement! Then passed out from exhaustion back in the fire station. At that stage, I didn't even know if that was a player or what. "Wow, this game is going to be slow if it takes me that long to kill a single zombie..."

Woke up the next day, a couple of zombies had busted in. I was all munched and infected and so I staggered out looking for help, barely making it into a populated hospital with 1 HP left. So I came to the wiki looking for help and figured out I needed 1st aid ASAP and asked the good people in hospital for assistance with that. Then I promptly died from the excitement of deciding to stick around here as my new safe house (apparently that's considered an action). Interesting, now I'm a zombie in a hospital and I can't talk to these people. I don't want to be a zombie, I'm not even 3 days old yet! But there's hope, UD tells me someone might just revive me. Yay, I might not have to respawn somewhere and start from scratch! Perhaps the last two days weren't now wasted! However, I don't even know if I can trust these people. I guess the last vestiges of my once human mind just had to hope they got my first message and figured out what's happened, so I just stood around repressing my lust for brains and next day I was revived! Thanks Chester Fester!

Ok sweet, I get it now. Survivors don't discriminate against the undead, we've got some nano tech zombie plot loophole used to create a perpetual war zone. Now I think I realise how the mechanics work I can quite easily get hooked. Especially since the hospital is now under attack and there seems to be all sorts of excitement going on, I have to stick around to see what happens next. One of the other more experienced yet strangely masochistic survivors suggested that I might like to whack him with the axe a few times and find some bandages to fix him up again after in training for jumping from building to building. So it seems the population have clearly started losing their minds, but I figure I'd better do what this crazy person says, I wouldn't want to get on the bad side of someone who gladly offers to take an axe to the head... :P

I usually have no time for gaming, so the very limited action points I initially figured would slow things down too much I've decided is a fantastic idea. Plus it gives me time to jot down my own kind of journal in the wiki! I can see now why there are so many fond memories recorded here. What else are you supposed to do after burning all your AP?

Give Me KILLS!

So i guess it's day 5 now. I've gained Free Running and stocked up on 1st aid kits and even ventured out to knock a few zombies about just outside the hospital doors yesterday and again today. But I still haven't managed to get my second kill yet! I get the feeling wasting time chatting is not a survival trait...

Grr! Tried for 4 hours to get the last hit in on Mr. 2HP Mc Stinky Pants to no avail and finally had to give up. Sleeping defiantly next to him and a couple of corpses on the front step of the hospital for the night. Woke up six hours later slightly chewed and clawed and my would be 2nd kill had gone! Oh well, could have been worse. Back to the hospital for some med kits...

Weekend Whacking

Life's good! Killed off two Zombies in one day and it's only Friday. I think this is the first time I've opted to save a few AP for later. I take it I'm just lucky that as yet the hospital has avoided any incursion despite having one or two Zombies bashing at the doors on a daily basis. Hopefully they don't invite their friends and try to get revenge for the constant butt whooping from the hospital staff. In which case a few spare AP could come in handy to keep an eye on things and possibly leg it if the barricades come down.

I got inspired to find and watch the original Dawn of the Dead. Great film despite the distinct lack of axes. I guess smoking and drinking while pregnant isn't such a taboo when you're living the Zombie apocalypse in the 70s. I'd seen the remake already, and as entertaining as the Zombie baby was, everything else about the original version trumps it. Other than the tacky Zombie make up and gore effects that is, but since that's probably because they pioneered Zombie make up and gore technology they deserve a medal for that anyway. It's still such a well planned out film that keeps you entertained, it's easy to ignore the tacky effects and it just sort of all blends in with the era really nicely anyway.

Hospital's Resident Rotter

Just over two weeks of levelling up on the rotter on the door step, he's finally moved on it seems. I'm going to miss you guy, those 5 levels would have been far more painful to gain without you! Now I don't know what to do with myself, I'll have to venture out and find something to do. Perhaps I'll start by returning to my first home the Fire Station and see if there's anything left of it....

Well never mind that, venturing out a couple blocks and I notice this suburb is teeming with Zombies. I gather they are all just trampling their way home after the recent Big Bash event.

McStooge The Zombie

McStooge is busy zombeing.

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