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Private Ronald Palahniuk

The Outbreak

Ronald Palahniuk's unit was deployed from Fort Perryn once military intervetion of the outbreak was neccessary. His unit, the 32nd National Guard of Malton, was ordered to Barrville. They held the position for a while, conscripting civilians to help fight, and gaining reinforcements from other National Guard units. However, given the number of Zombies, their position was over-run. Ronald ran, hiding in any place he could find in Barrville. He stayed in a hospital with five others for a while, until a crazed person came in, killing everyone but him. He moved again, and again, and again...

Private Ronald Palahniuk
Profile: #752971
Joined: 2007-09-01
Class: Military
Current Level: 15
Current Status: Dead
Rank: Private
Location: Whittenside
Favorite Equipment: Mobile Phone
Favorite Weapon: Fire Axe
Backup Weapon: Pistol
Kills: Unknown
Deaths: 7
Revives: Unknown
Heals: Unknown

Doctor Win Butler

The Outbreak

Doctor Win Butler, a prominent doctor working at various hospitals in Malton. The outbreak occured when he arrived at Tikhon. Win was stunned at the amount of people piling in, it damn near drove him crazy. All were giving reports of how someone crazed person attacked them, going to the point of, well, as they put it, 'eating them.' These reports were ludicrous, Win thoughy, until a patient came in, with a good chuck bitten out of her neck. He stayed all night, trying to help these poor souls. They were dropping like flies, though. Again, it was dumbfounding. Later that night, they began rising, attacking patients and doctors alike. Win, after being attacked numerous times - lucky without bites or scratches -, ran up to the top level of the hospital, which was being renovated at the time. He waited, for so long, running on little energy, thanks to the lack of food and water on the top level. Finally, after waiting a good, hell, month or two, he went back downstairs, to find a group of humans... survivors. He was confused, but quickly made himself at home, to ride out the long time ahead of them. Radio reports told him of the fighting, and last-printed newspapers told him the cities were lost. Not only that, the survivors told him that the city was lost, that those people, those 'zombies,' had taken over. He was lucky, and so where they.

Doctor Meike Butler

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