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Newb Private (duh) with sweet hair and more weapons than available hands barring fortuitous mutation. Is also lucky enough to have a flak jacket to deter those pesky PKers or trigger happy survivors in the case of zombiefication. Currently hanging around the Paynterton area in the hopes of joining the South Paynterton Aces. Also has a habit of saying 'Yo' a lot.

Character, Yo

Aces.jpg South Paynterton Aces
This user is a member of the South Paynterton Aces

The Resco diaries, yo

Day 1

Man, place is even worse than da reports suggested. Blundered around for a bit, yo, figure dat I must have been in Edgecombe, but I'm not sure. One thing was for certain, mosta da buildings were sealed so tight an anorexic ant couldn'ta squeezed in. Pretty worrying, yo. Spotted one of da zeds da chief told us about before we got dropped inta dis hell. Took a potshot at it an' missed. Gotta admit, I took off faster dan you'd get ate in Ridleybank yelling 'Screw the RRF!' yo. Guess I trekked mosta da way across Pegton too. Didn't get any joy looking around dere either. Found a safehouse for a little while 'round eveningtime, along with the first (hell, only, yo) survivors I saw dat day. It was a hotel or somesuch, wasn't paying too much attention to names, but I told da guys dere 'Hey' but dey didn't wanna talk too much. Since I didn't know much where I was an' I was pretty tired, I settled down dere for da night, yo.

Day 2, Yo

Moved out from dat hotel today an' ended up in Dentonside. Happened on a police station and found more survivors. Didn't seem in the mood for a chat, so I left 'em to it, yo. I roamed 'round the 'burb all day, blasting when I found the zeds 'till my pistol ran out of ammo. After dat happened, I hotfooted it back to the station, yo. Good thing I got in when I did, cuz right as I arrived, da guys inside built up the damn 'cades so high I could tell I wouldn'ta been able to get in. Heck, a turbocharged bulldozer would have trouble busting inta some of dese spots, yo. Since da place was secured an I wanted ta be prepped as possible for when I leave tomorrow, I searched da station harder dan a chronic OCD sufferer dat got told a picture got hung skewed. Was pretty lucky, far as I can tell, cuz I managed to lay my hands on another pistol and a shotgun too, yo. Plenty of ammo for all, but I don't think I'll be hitting much with the shottie. I'm not trained with dat, so it's about as much use ta me as a luminous hat with da words 'Get brahnz here!' written on it, yo. Towards da enda da day, I got da scoop on some group called the South Paynterton Aces. Dey sounded like some pretty tough customers - definitely da kinda guys I wanna be rolling with, epescially since I've got less experience dan a zombie dat got headshot with da old rules in place. So tomorrow, Paynterton here I come, yo.

Day 3

Left da police station to move out into Starlingtown. Place is crawling with zeds, so I dunno how locked down da Aces have got da place. Seems as if the survivors are on da defensive, yo. Shot at da shamblers where I could, but didn't hit much - I got a worse eye dan a crow-nibbled corpse hanging off a gibbit. Hid out in a building for a while earlier, but da zeds were all over da place, and I saw a coupla poor bastards get taken down. After da generator got taken out, I bounced quicker dan ya could say 'No brahnz for dat zambah yo!'. Reached a school just fore I started hallucinating with da tiredness, and collapsed insida da place. Got me some companions, but dey ain't saying too much. Still, dat's fine by me, I'm still trying ta find da freaking Aces. A little low on ammo, espesh for dese two pistols a mine, but I reckon I can get through tomorrow on what I got. Might need ta head out of Starlingtown inta Paynterton itself ta stock up though. Otherwise Resco will be zombie chow, yo.

Great. Now I starteda rhyme, I sound like Doctor Seuss, and for dat, I got no excuse. Gah!

Day 4

Looks as though somebody 'caded the place up whilst I was asleep. The guys I was with musta left some time in the night, but dat didn't worry me none, yo. Loaded up my guns and headed off out into Paynterton ta pick up some more ammo. Sighted some zeds on da way, but as per usual, couldn't hit da broadside of a barn with a machine gun. Da police department is sealed up tight, so I didn't get ta restock. Means I have ta go further afield. Spracklingbank here I come yo.

And damn if dat polic station wasn't totally sealed too. Damn 'cades are stopping me from doing too much. Gotta learn how to freerun, yo, least dat way I can actually get inta some places.

Day 5, yo

Not too ta tell about today. Kept on scouting around, as per usual, tried ta take down a zed or two, missed, as per usual. I got a worse shot than a blind triple amputee yo. Wound up in Dunningwood, trying to find some more ammo. Got pretty difficult, cuz most places where I can get it are locked up tight.

Day 6, yo

Managed to find a building dat I can actually get inta and decided to hide out dere. Found yet another pistol, yo, not only dat, but a second shotgun. Jeez, I'm packing more heat dan a psychotic trenchcoater on steroids, yo. Spent dis new firepower well, blasting at a zed which had set up shot outsida my safehouse. Didn't manage to take it down, but at least I managed ta hit da damn thing, yo.

Day 7

Spent the best parta today still in Dunningwood, just biding my time. Found a third shotgun - where da hell am I supposed to keep all of dese? Still, as long as it take me to improve my shot, best bet is ta have as much firepower as possible, yo. Finally learned me some Free Running, which woulda been helpful if all of da buildings around me hadn't been 'caded so tight I'm surprised oxygen could still get in, yo. Still, I managed to get ta a church before I just freaking collapsed from exhaustion. Haven't had any contact from da Aces yet, but I'm still hopeful dat'll come through.

Now ta find a better safehouse, otherwise I'm deader dan a zed frolicking outsida a police station in a green zone wearing a target on its chest.

Day 8

Scrounged up some ammo at da police station and patrolled da area a little bit before moving on. Once again, my aim sucks, but better to have da guns yo? Really need ta learn how ta use dese guns better, otherwise it's harder to get the XPs dan it is for a doc to find FAKs in a church, yo. After da patrolling, I started off back ta Paynterton. Da Aces got in contact with me late yesterday, so dat's my direction from here on out yo. D Resco is one of da Aces.

Day 9, yo

Made it ta Paynterton, and damn if da whole place isn't a warzone. Zeds everywhere, and most of da buildings are in ruins. Wish I coulda shown 'em some lead, but I'm low on ammo, and knowing me, probably woulda missed. Holed up for the night in a marginally safer building, but the burb is in a bad way. Spotted a dead Ace earlier, was not pleasant. Just need to resupply, yo, and den we'll be in business. Eventually made my way ta a junkyard cuz a little bird told me one of da other Aces was there. Met up with him ta keep him a little company. A few zeds around, but hopefully, if we sit tight, dis whole thing will blow over, yo.

Day 10

No such luck, yo. Spent da morning searching for anything useful, and found me a book, which should help keep me entertained, if alla da zeds weren't enough, yo. At da same time though, got a crowbar, flak jacket, baseball bat, crowbar and fire axe, so I don't think I'll be having too much worry in a close scrap yo. Unfortunately later on a buncha zeds busted inta the junkyard and carried off my Ace buddy. Patched myself up and went ouside ta find four zombies all over da poor guy. Treated his wounds as much as I could with da meds I had on me den bounced faster dan a speeding ninja. Left da place for Starlingtown ta regroup, but things ain't looking too grea. Why can't things be boring again yo?

Day 1...

((bloodstains, weather damage and what look like claw marks have rendered the majority of this entry illegible))

DAaayyyewq 1.,.2

Grh? ///,.,.,><,/< Graagh.







Day 12, yo

Man... my head's hurting worse dan a lightweight after a beer marathon. Don't know what happened to me, yo, but somebody tore up my diary real bad. I don't really wanta think about what coulda done that... stumbled out of a cemetery with dis weird buzzing noise in my ears. The damn zeds are everywhere, but I managed to make it ta safety with a buncha other Aces, yo.

Goddammit! I got blood all over my boots!

Day 13

Hung round da junkyard for mosta da day, just trying to wait out da zeds. Lucky for me, I managed to pick up a hinta two on how ta use da fire axe, which helps a lot yo, since my ammo is drier dan da armpit of a fossilised desert rat. Popped out a coupla times during the day yo, just ta see if I could drive away some of da zeds outsida the hideout. Didn't have too much luck, but at least I got ta bust some heads, yo.

Day 14

Holy crap! Some crazy jumped inta our safehouse an wasted half da team insida five minutes! Da sunnuva bitch managed ta get out before I laid da hurt down on dem though, yo. Da Zeds are on da 'cades again, and I'm a bit too tired ta go after dem with dis axe of mine. Whoa crap! Didn't think dey could take 'em down so quick! I'm in trouble y... ((the ink blots and the writing simply trails off at this point. This page is heavily bloodstained.))

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